CoinDCX introduces CoinDCX Prime, aims $100M AUM by 2025

CoinDCX, one of the biggest crypto exchanges in India, has introduced CoinDCX Prime, a service tailored for High-Net-Worth Individuals (HNIs), Family Offices, and Institutional Investors. This program is a reaction to a notable surge in high net worth individual and institutional involvement in the crypto market of India.

By introducing CoinDCX Prime, the goal of the company is to appeal to high-net-worth individuals and institutional investors, with a target of reaching $100 million in assets under management (AUM) by 2025.

"CoinDCX has experienced a substantial increase in high net worth individual and institutional involvement in the Indian cryptocurrency market. The platform's growth prompted the company to offer unique services specifically for those investors, according to the company's statement.

Members of CoinDCX Prime will receive personalized services, such as custom investment options and assistance from knowledgeable account managers. This service layer will enhance current options, like reduced trading fees for VIP members and the handling of significant orders via the OTC desk. Furthermore, clients can utilize yield-generating tactics through the Advanced Earn feature.

CoinDCX Prime is designed for investors with Rs 50 lakh or more to enjoy perks like guided onboarding, personalized assistance, dedicated account managers, and expert tax and legal advice from well-known partners. Significantly, Prime members will enjoy the most competitive trading fees and no extra costs for asset custody or holding profits, distinguishing it from traditional advisory platforms.

According to Minal Thukral, Head of Strategy and Growth, CoinDCX has become a top choice for HNIs and institutional investors. More than 15 million Indian investors rely on CoinDCX for their cryptocurrency journey. We are pleased to see the equivalent level of trust and interest from HNIs. We have brought on board more than 100 institutional investors, over 2,500 high-net-worth individuals, and are currently serving more than 25 family offices. Due to high demand from these investors, we are introducing Prime Services. These investors are looking for specialized services for long-term value.

Thukral highlighted that CoinDCX Prime will address these requirements by providing personalized assistance, exclusive studies, tailored newsletters, and first access to new products, guaranteeing a top-notch investment journey.

In India, improved adherence strategies have made it easier for high net worth individuals to participate in cryptocurrency markets. Exchanges that give importance to following the rules, such as registering with the Financial Intelligence Unit India (FIU IND) and implementing strict KYC procedures, have gained the trust and confidence of investors. "At CoinDCX, we consistently prioritize compliance." We were the initial exchange in India to officially register as an FIU IND entity. We have gained the confidence of over 15 million retail customers. Thukral believes this will be key in attracting HNIs, family offices, and institutional investors.


Q. Is CoinDCX only for Indians?

A. CoinDCX is not available to traders outside of India. CoinDCX is a regulated and licensed digital asset exchange.

Q. Which country app is CoinDCX?

A. CoinDCX is the largest bitcoin and cryptocurrency exchange built in India, for the world! With over 14 million+ users on our crypto trading app, CoinDCX Pro is now open to international cryptocurrency traders and investors, offering world-class trading features and security.

Q. Is Bitcoin legal in India?

A. Is Bitcoin legal in India? Bitcoin is not a legal tender in India. However, currently there is no law which bans the use of Bitcoin or other VDAs. Thus, you are allowed to trade in Bitcoin.

Q. Is CoinDCX sebi registered?

A. Staying true to its commitment, CoinDCX also becomes the first FUI-Registered exchange for the seamless trading experience of the users. This feat ensures the continued adherence to the Government regulations on VDAs.

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