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Kanwar Yatra 2022: Bihar government to set up tourism info centres for pilgrims

Several states in the northern belt of India are preparing for the Kanwar Yatra, which is scheduled to be held from July 14 to 26 this year. In Bihar, the state Department of Tourism has planned 11 information centers at various places along the route from Sultanganj to the Bihar-Jharkhand border to provide convenience of pilgrims heading to Deoghar temple in Jharkhand during the "Shravan season" of the Hindu calendar.

Information centers will remain open 24 hours to guide pilgrims around the ground transportation facilities, as well as provide assistance in the event of any emergency.

In addition, 20 mobile toilets will be provided during the festival, while transportation facilities will be available at 16 points along the route; Pre-recorded messages and live announcements about the route to Deoghar Temple, facilities on the "Kanwariya Road" and cleanliness.

A tent city, with a capacity of 500 pilgrims at a time, will also be established in Abrakha, Banka District. In the city of shops, all basic services will be available, such as pilgrims' stands, mobile charging points, garbage collection points, LED screens and a VIP room. Particular attention has been paid to the safety of pilgrims and CCTV cameras will be installed at all entrances.

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The Yatra River in Bihar begins at Sultanganj, where pilgrims fill " kanwars" with water from the sacred Ganges River. Approximately 10 devotees participate in this ritual every year.

“It is important to note that the Yatra has been planned after a gap of two years. It was not allowed in 2020 and 2021 due to the Covid-19 pandemic and the lockdown. Therefore, the mood is high among the people and we are also making detailed arrangements for their comfort,” said State Tourism Minister Narayan Prasad. "

Santosh Kumar Mall, principal secretary of state tourism, said a mobile app will be launched soon at Yatra headquarters as well. "Pilgrims will be able to book rooms at the tent city through this application," he said.

The specific locations of Tourist Information Centers are Sultanganj Railway Station, Sultanganj Ghat, Sultanganj Bus Stand, Ghanti Belari, Kumarsar, Dhauri, Suia, Abrakha Katoria, Inarvan and Dumma.

Places where state tourism organizes transportation facilities are Ajgaibinath, Bhagalpur, Sultanganj, Dhani Belari, Munger, Jilebia in Banka, Shivalok Temple, Thankeshwar, Suiyya hills and Chihutjor.

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