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LIC IPO: How to apply for public issue on Zerodha, Paytm, Upstox and Groww

The LIC IPO (Initial Public Offering) is now open for subscription, and buying will continue through May 9, 2022. The Government of India (GoI) has set the price range for the LIC IPO at 902 to 949 rupees per equity share. The Government of India has also offered a 60 percent reduction for LIC policyholders and a 45 percent reduction for employees and retail category applicants per ownership stake. Because a large number of demat accounts have been opened in recent years in order to apply for the public issue of insurance products, new demat account holders may have trouble applying for the public issue.4

Here's a step-by-step instruction on how to apply for a LIC IPO on Zerodha, Paytm, Upstox, and Groww if you have a demat account:

How to Apply for the LIC IPO on Zerodha

1] Sign in to the Zerodha app using your account information;
2] Pick the LIC Initial Public Offering (IPO);
3] Type in your UPI ID;
4] Select the option to bid;
5] Select an investor type from the options of individual, employee, or policyholder.
6] Enter the lot size and price cut-off;
7] Select 'Conform' and 'Submit' from the drop-down menus.

Following submission, LIC IPO candidates should accept the mandate request to proceed with the public offering on the UPI app.

How do I apply for the LIC IPO through the Paytm app?

1] Open Paytm Money and go to the IPO area on the home screen.
2] Select LIC IPO from the list of IPOs open for subscription.
3] Complete the initial public offering (IPO) application;
4] Fill in your UPI ID;
5] Obtain a mandate for the IPO amount to be blocked;
6] Your IPO application will be successfully submitted after you accept the mandate.

How to Apply for the LIC Initial Public Offering on Upstox

1] Use your credentials to log in to the Upstox app or website;
2] 'Click on 'Invest in IPOs' under the 'Discover' option;
3] On your home screen, you'll see three options: 'overview,' 'timeline,' and 'apply.'
4] Select the Apply option to be directed to the LIC IPO application website.
5] Complete the forms and select 'Proceed';
6] A notice stating that your UPI Mandate payment is pending will show on your home screen;

Accept the mandate, and your LIC IPO application will be successfully submitted.

How to Apply for the LIC Initial Public Offering on Groww

1] Log in to Groww with your credentials and go to the IPO tab;
2] A list of open IPOs will be published;
3] Choose LIC IPO and press the 'Apply' button.
4] Submit your bid and specify the number of LIC IPO lots for which you wish to apply.
5] Decide on a cut-off price;
6] Choose from individual, employee, and policyholder investors;
7] Accept the obligation by entering your UPI ID.

Your LIC IPO application will be successfully submitted once the UPI mandate has been accepted.

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