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When you follow the principles of value investing, there may be periods when your stocks are underperforming the market. All you have to do at this point is sti

Many investors swear the principles of value investing. They don't like owning mutual funds that go after stocks with frothy valuations. These investors like to play it safe - they want their mutual funds to own stocks with strong fundamentals. They wouldn't mind if the market didn't like stocks. Don't mind waiting. Welcome to the land of valuable investors.

If you are a fan of value investing, you should check out the value money. These funds strive to identify stocks that the market has yet to explore. These actions will be well-founded. So the fund manager believes that eventually the market will discover these stocks. When that happens, the fund will make money.

However, the past few years have not been kind to investing value from fans. Everyone was chasing some heavy arrows. This boosted leading indices, but no one paid a premium on value stocks. Value fund managers complained that no one cared about valuations. Owning the few stocks that were leading the market, that's what everyone was doing at the time.

The trend reversed in 2021. The market rebounded, and this time only a handful of stocks failed to lead the rally. Most stocks participated in the rise; Finally came a large-scale rally. Thanks to the rally, value chests have also been able to make a comeback. However, he has outlined some important value investing principles.

When you follow the principles of value investing, there may be periods when your stocks are underperforming the market. All you have to do at this point is stick to your strategy and wait patiently. However, recent years have taught investors that it is not easy to follow. Many investors lost their patience and sold their investors.

This is why it is wise to limit your investments to the value of the money. According to mutual fund managers, investors should invest a maximum of 20% in value funds. They should also remember that the market may not always pay a premium for valuable shares. When the market doesn't pay much attention to valuations, value funds will underperform. If you cannot wait patiently, you should not invest in value funds.

best funds 2022

If value investing still appeals to you, here is our list of recommended value investing funds in 2022:

Invesco India Contra Fund
IDFC Sterling Value Fund
Nippon India Value Fund
ICICI Prudential Value Discovery Fund

Our methodology:

We used the following parameters to pre-select mutual fund plans.

  1. Moving Average Profitability: accumulated daily for the past 3 years.
  1. Consistency over the last three years: Hurst Exponent, H is used to calculate the consistency of the fund. The exponent H is a measure of the randomness of the NAV series of the box. High H funds tend to show lower volatility compared to low H funds.
  • When H < 0.5, the chain is said to have an average reverting.
  • When H = 0.5, the return series is said to be Brownian geometric time series. It is difficult to predict this type of time series.
  • When H > 0.5, the series is said to be stationary. The higher the H value, the stronger the chain trend
  1. Downside risk: We have only considered the negative returns presented by the mutual fund scheme for this metric.

X = returns less than zero

Y = sum of all squares of X

Z = Y / Number of days needed to calculate the ratio

Downside risk = square root of Z

  1. Outperformance: As measured by Alpha Jensen over the past three years. Jensen's alpha shows the risk-adjusted return of a mutual fund scheme relative to the expected market return projected by the Capital Asset Pricing Model (CAPM). A higher alpha value indicates that the portfolio has outperformed the expected market returns.

Average profitability generated by the MF scheme =

[Risk-Free Rate + MF System Trial * {(Average Return of Index - Risk-Free Rate})

  1. Asset size: For equity funds, the minimum asset size is Rs 50 million.
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