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Amazon may soon allow users to pay in cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin

Amazon may allow users to pay in cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin soon after the e-commerce giant has appointed a digital currency and blockchain product leader for its payments team.

According to the latest job listing, the Amazon’s Payments Acceptance and Experience team is "seeking an experienced product leader to develop Amazon's digital currency, blockchain strategy, and product roadmap."

“You will leverage your industry experience in Blockchain, Distributed Ledger, Central Bank Digital Currencies, and Cryptocurrencies to develop a case for capabilities to be developed, drive product overview and strategy, and gain leadership and investment support for new capabilities, ”the company published.

The product leader will work closely with teams across Amazon, including AWS, to develop a customer experience roadmap, strategy and technical capabilities, as well as a launch strategy.

Amazon still does not accept cryptocurrencies as payment yet.

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A company spokesperson told Insider that he was "inspired by the innovation taking place in the cryptocurrency space and is exploring what this might look like on Amazon."

Amazon Web Services (AWS), Amazon's cloud arm, currently offers a managed blockchain service.

The company said the new leading digital currency and blockchain customer "will need to operate with a high level of independence and work analytically, working backwards from customer data and insights to create new and innovative solutions to unsolved problems", the company further said.

Tech giant Apple published a similar listing in May of a business development manager who "works at or with alternative payment providers such as digital wallets, BNPL, express payments, cryptocurrencies, etc."

Tesla and Twitter are bullish on Bitcoin as the next payment method.

The online world needs a global currency, and our focus is on Bitcoin because with this cryptocurrency we can reach everyone on the planet, emphasized Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey.

Meanwhile, Tesla CEO Elon Musk confirmed that the company is "most likely" to resume receiving Bitcoin payments after conducting some due diligence on improvements to the energy mix used to mine cryptocurrencies.

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