Investing ₹3,000 every month? A 5-year delay can cost you ₹88 lakh

Delaying a few years in making your first investment can cause a crore worth of harm to your financial status. We all know the importance of starting early, but we will always have our excuses for delaying our investment plans. We did some simple math here to show the missed opportunity if it was too late to invest a small amount of 3,000  per month for five years or so. Well, you will be surprised to know that if you start five years late, you will accumulate 88 lakh lesser by the time when you reach your goal. Here are some other numbers to impress you.

We assume that three investors started investing 3,000 per month at different ages. Every investor invests till the age of 58.

Invest early

Tania started investing at 23 years old. And by the time she will reach her retirement, she will have approximately Rs 2 crore in her retirement fund, assuming your investment has generated an annual rate of return of 12%.

Devansh started five years later at 28 years old. It started at the same amount of 3,000 per month. He will accumulate almost half the money like Tania. This is a big difference ... !!! He will have over 1 crore at 58 as his retirement corpus.

Vishal the third investor at the age of 35. He has 23 years to retire. With a 12% rate of return, he will be able to save 44 lakh for his retirement, which is much lower than the other investors.

These numbers demonstrate the advantage of starting to invest early to achieve your long-term goals. Start a small amount when you're young. Then you can continue to increase your investment in the later stages of your life.

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