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Wish to earn Rs 1 crore from SIP? Here's how much you need to invest

Most people who invest regularly can become a crorepati within 20 years, as systematic investing over a long period of time can easily help you accumulate  Rs 1 crore, as the strength of compounding plays an important role.

New Delhi: With constantly decreasing interest rates through secure investment options like Small Savings schemes such as PPF, Sukanya Samriddhi, etc, and bank FDs, savers will now take longer to accumulate a set of Rs 1 crore. Today, people want to get returns that exceed inflation so they can have a good set on their kitty for when they retire and can live a comfortable financial life later on.


This is the reason why once most people start to win today their goal is to accumulate a corpus of Rs 1 crore in the lowest possible time. It is clear that those who have just started to work do not have a large sum to invest in a lump sum, so their goal is to become a business by saving and investing a fixed amount each month. Most people who regularly invest can become krupatip within 20 years of systematic investing over a long period of time, they can easily help you accumulate Rs 1 crore and more since the strength of makeup plays a big role in double your wealth.

Mutual funds are becoming increasingly popular with low-risk investors. Those who are not willing to invest in the stock market directly fear volatility, now they flock to capital funds. To earn Rs 1 crore from a Systematic Investment Plan (SIP) may look confusing and unattainable. However, it is indeed possible with systematic planning and implementation. 

Systematic Investment Plan (SIP): 

SIP is a systematic way of investing your money in mutual funds. With SIP, investors can regularly place a fixed amount in mutual fund schemes. It's a planned approach to long-term monthly investment and SIP investments that can help you create wealth with the power of accumulation. Equity investment funds are the best way to create wealth faster if you can handle volatility. For investors who avoid risk, index funds are best because they are less volatile and offer attractive long-term returns. These funds have the potential to offer around 12% CAGR in the long term.

How much to invest in SIP to accumulate Rs 1 crore:

Assuming a long-term CAGR of 12%, you can accumulate Rs 1 crore in 20 years by investing Rs 10,000 at the beginning of each month. You can achieve this goal faster by increasing your monthly SIP by Rs 10,000 each year by 10%. By doing so, you will be able to accumulate more than Rs 1 crore in 17 years, assuming a TCAC of 12%.

Please note that for investors who want to earn Rs 1 crore from SIP, the investment amount may vary with the investment cycle. According to the SIP calculator at Financial Calculator India, by starting a SIP with Rs 10,000 per month and increasing the SIP amount by 10% each year, it is possible to get more than Rs 1 crore worth in just over 17 years of savings (since the rate of return is 12 percent of the group).

However, remember that this does not mean that the body will not fluctuate. The longer time horizon ensures that, despite the losses and gains that cancel each other, the rate of return remains constant.

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