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Mukesh Ambani to invest 15 billion into the much delayed Jio Institute

Reliance Industries Ltd is planning to introduce one of its mind-boggling steps into the world of education to improve the standards of education in India. As per the reports, it is stated that the RIL is about to invest INR 1500 crore in establishing a Jio University in Karjat near Navi Mumbai. The university is estimated to cover up around 800 acres of on-campus area with all the world-class facilities available here.


The Reliance group also stated that they are interacting with the institutional and academic specialists at Singapore's Nanyang Technological University as well as the Northwestern and Stanford University in the United States of America for establishing a robust academic base and making the team of faculties, professors and management professionals.

It is the only Greenfield Institute and the most significant achievement by the Jio University even before its establishment is that the NDA government has authorized it as an Institute of Eminence. In 2018, this has rolled the Jio institute in controversy, the academicians and a large group of people debated and argued with the government. They claimed on what basis the government has chosen this as an Institute of Eminence when it is not even in existence. 

Next to IISc Bangalore, IIT-Delhi, IIT-Bombay, Manipal Academy of Higher Education, and BITS-Pilani, now the Jio institute has been nominated as "Institutions of Eminence." It is a status that will make sure complete independence and promote them to get a manifestation in world ranking universities.

Showing the anger, the MHRD then faced the speakers with an answer on what basis the Jio Institute was granted such an envied status even without any physical existence. As per the government, Jio University was provided this status under the Greenfield Project, which is only one till now. The goal behind which was to empower responsible private financing to create a world-class institutional foundation. Based on four major parameters, the application of awarding Jio as Institutions of Eminence was judged. The parameters were:

  • Availability of institute construction land and other assets

  • Placing core associates with vast experience and extremely eminent qualification

  • A well-planned vision with definite yearly milestone and strategic plan of action

  • Availing the complete funding for establishing the institution

Why the Government is Favoring Jio University

The standards of Indian education are not meeting the criteria’s  that foreign universities have. It is regrettable that even after having such a great university in India, no one is able to get a place in the top 100 global universities. The founder of Jio institute, Mukesh Ambani, is claiming to bring the international educational standards to India, that’s why he is in conversation with various academics and professors of the universities of US and Singapore.

As per the reports, the Jio institute is going to provide a breakthrough to the India education system, the students who favor studying abroad will instead attempt to proceed with their studies here only. The best thing is the Jio is planning to keep the well qualified and highly professional faculties from the top universities of USA and Singapore. This indicates that the education standards of America are about to dive into India; this has created excitement among students.

Jio Institute is a multidisciplinary university where the students from all streams including, science, commerce, medical, and engineering can get the chance to pursue their studies as per the international standards.


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