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Check out some better ways of investment in 2019

Who doesn’t want to have a comfortable future? Of course! Every person dreams of having a safe and secure future and you can definitely have that by investing your money in the right place. There are lots of people who try to find out the best ways to invest money and if you are also looking for an amazing way, then you can definitely find a perfect option for yourself. Time horizon and risk tolerance play a great role when it comes to deciding about the investment allocations.

The investors who are going to retire are quite comfortable with investments and they can get their portfolio as low risky investors. The people who want to save money for intermediate and short term goals can opt for low-risk investments because it isn’t going to involve huge financial risks. The people who want to grow their wealth can decide to choose the low-risk investments which can allow them to get the best returns. Here are some best ways to invest money in the year 2019:


Government bond funds

Do you know anything about government bond funds? These are the mutual funds which basically invest in the debt securities which are issued by US govt and agencies. The people who don’t want to take a high risk can opt for the government bond funds and these are a great choice for the beginners. The shares in the bond fund have high liquidity level and their values keep fluctuating depending on the interest rate.

Money market accounts

Instead of saving your money in a savings account, you can keep it in the money market account so that you can get high-interest rates. These are liquid account and can help you to earn profits faster and easier. If you want to make emergency savings, then you can take help of the one market accounts. You will have to face some restrictions on withdrawing money when you are using Money market account for earning interests. If you are a beginner in the world of investment, then it can be a great option for you.  

CDs (Certificate of Deposit)

You must have heard about it if you are into the investment world for a long time and if you are a beginner, then you can learn about it now.  The CDs are basically issued by the banks and can allow a person to get huge interest rates as compared to the saving accounts. These time deposits have a maturity date which can be between weeks to years. It can’t be possible to withdraw money from these time deposits until the person pays a penalty for it.

If you will invest in CD, then you can get regular interest from time to time and when it will get matured, you will be able to get your original amount along with accrued interest. It can be really easy for you to earn around three percent of interest on these investments. The higher payouts and safety options make the CD a good option for the people who are going to retire and don’t need much money on a regular basis.  

Short term bond corporate funds

There are some corporations which try to get money by providing bonds to the various investors. The small investors can buy shares of short term bonds with a maturity of 1 to 5 years only. It can be an amazing choice for investors who want nice cash flow and also want to reduce their risk.  It can be early easy to sell and buy your fund shares every day. Other than this, you can also invest aging and again anytime.

Growth Stocks

This is a section of stock markets which has been performing really well from some time. These stocks are basically made from tech companies which are growing profiles and sales faster. Most of the companies like to invest the money earned by them in the growth of their own company. These stocks are really popular and the reason behind it is that one can earn around 20% of returns every year for a long time. The only thing is the investor has to analyze it properly and then figure out which can help in earning the best returns. It is better that advanced and intermediate investors look forward to buying individual growth shares and stocks due to volatility. The growth stocks are highly liquid and that’s why one can sell them anytime whenever the market is open and it provides a kind of independent to the investors at the present time.    


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