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Common Mistakes Of Hotel Guest Review Management

There are many hotel review websites such as TripAdvisor and Yelp, these days, regulate your bookings in various ways than one. In addition, presenting potential bookers the choice of seeing at lodgings based on their scores, they also greatly encourage their purchasing choices. Reviews on hotels are one of the major features that visitors today contemplate rather than moving further with their reservations and it is sensible not to treat this casually.

Reports recommend that 96% of TripAdvisor users contemplate reviews imperative when planning excursions and booking hotels.

Contemplating how reliant the new-age commuter is on hotel review websites, this is a huge mainstream of your spectators. When it comes to dealing with your online reputation, there are numerous do’s and don’ts that get play in outlining your achievement.


Let’s discuss the five mistakes that you must avoid when it comes to hotel guest review management.

1. Not personalized guest experience

Providing an exceptional and bespoke guest experience is the walking nugget to obtain remarkable reviews. Consider it this way – though it might be the fact that as a hotelier you’ve seen tons of visitors per day in and day out at your property, it is likewise true that each hotel is a great experience for your visitors.

2. No any omni-network methodology to guest engagement

Draw out a consumer trip which will assist you to know all the touchpoints at which your visitors communicate with you. Once you have this precision, relishing your visitors becomes so much easier. Pleasing with your visitors on various platforms will assist to create evoke assessment along with a long-standing connotation with them. Making use of only one network can be counter-prolific as it might meet as being violent.

Always put effort and increase the platforms on which you trace base with them, like emails, calls, SMS, social media ads, and more. Create your emails light and appealing. Keep your calls authentic and genuine. Also, ensure your ads deliver exactly what is being promoted without any overstatement.

3. Not asking for feedback proactively

Many hotel proprietors don’t provide adequate credit for guest reviews on hotels and hotel review sites and the impression they can have on hotel businesses. The more famous you are on hotel review websites, like TripAdvisor, the more the possibilities that potential guesstimate will make a booking with you. TripAdvisor’s approval index turns around three features- quantity, quality, and recency of reviews.

Thus, it is compulsory that you extend proactively to your guests and ask them for reviews. This is a highly effective method to not only augment your guest reviews but to also interact with guests that you take into account their experience with you.

4. Not keeping track of your reviews

Continuing on top of the reviews that visitors leave is definitely essential for hotels. This enables you to treat the situation at first, in case of an adverse review. Also if the review is a positive one, it every time pays to elegantly thank them for their time and sympathy. Mishandled reviews answers can function against you as you will then have to answer to a huge portion of reviews at once, getting your answer insincere and despairing.

Your visitors deserve straightforward answers that must deliver to them that their feedback is appreciated to you. Besides only when you honestly capitalize time on this activity will you be able to make the most of appraisals. Make an associate of your staff the proprietor of keeping track of evaluations so that they can stay up-to-date with what visitors have to tell about you on hotel review sites.

5. Not constructing a guest review management strategy

These days, constructing trust with your consumers is one of the most reliable methods to encourage long-standing loyalty. Consider a single strict review can damage your online reputation. Similarly, when your first few reviews express tremendous experiences, it brings self-confidence in potential guests about your hotel.

You just cannot afford to miss an opportunity on the vast opportunity offered to you by hotel review websites. Take minor but impactful dealings to superior rationalize management of guest reviews – initiating from providing an exceptional guest experience to guest review gathering to lastly, answering to reviews. Every single feature plays a significant in describing your hotel’s image online and in determining guests’ insight of you.

Knowing the power of guest review management is a massive benefit for hoteliers. Also, the best part is that when leveraged appropriately, hotels can though earn money from online reviews.


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