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Latest Updates on GST Law

Know What are GST bill impacts and Changes of GST.

CBIC has notified (under CGST and IGST) that all changes to the GST Act as covered in this article will be applicable as of February 1, 2019

Applicable as of February 1, 2019, 01/2019 Notification of central tax rate and 01/2019 The Notification of integrated tax rate establishes that the provision of RCM according to Section 9 (4): the purchase of assets of an Unregistered provider will now be applicable as a general blanket. State supplies (regardless of the daily limit per supplier of Rs 5000 that was previously reported).

In addition, Section 9 (4) has been amended to refer only to specific goods and services as notified by the Government and not all supplies. But the list has not yet been notified, after which this provision, Sec. 9 (4) will apply to all notified supplies.

The GST Rules have been modified to be in line with the changes introduced in the Law. Review amendments 03/2019 CT, 05/2019 CT, 06/2019 CT, 02/2019 IT and 03/2019 IT

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