In The Wake Of Extraordinary Success, Waymo Decides To Expand Its Hold On Europe

Though it is really difficult to imagine a ‘driverless’ car, it is already a reality. No matter how weird it sounds, people think these cars are safer. Yes,

Self-driven cars have become quite a thing nowadays. Gone are days when people would love to ride in a chauffeur-driven car. It’s all about invisibility these days. With the help of technological advancements, almost everything is getting upgraded to its ‘automatic’ version.

Though it is really difficult to imagine a ‘driverless’ car, it is already a reality. No matter how weird it sounds, people think these cars are safer. Yes, you heard it right.

On account of recent rape and robbery incidents by drivers, it seems a self-driven would be much better. Can’t really blame them right?

Now, in the world today, who would you trust more – a machine or a man whose morality depends on probability?

What Is A Self Driven/Self Driving Car?

It is a car that can drive it. It requires no human intervention; it can ‘sense’ its environment and navigate on its own. Now, that sounds fun. It can also be called an ‘autonomous’ car. You might even mistake it as a ‘ghost-driven’ car if you’re unaware of this concept.

What Are The Plans Of Waymo?

Waymo is a leading company in the world of the self-driven car business. They have already started their business in Arizona, Phoenix and plan to expand their hold in these areas by the end of the current year. The more the merrier, isn’t it?

However, along with the markets mentioned above, they have decided to move their business to Europe. Tadaa! There comes the main news.

In a recent meeting held in Turin, Italy, the CEO of Waymo has expressed the desire to ‘experiment’ with the European market. He said there are ample opportunities to develop different strategies and different products for the European market. Good one there Mr. CEO! He said that this would be an interesting task as well as an opportunity to explore and improve on their skills and strategies. Going out of the comfort zone can prove to be either good or bad. Let’s see what happens.

This idea was introduced by the CEO after the establishment of their level 4 autonomous driving capability at Balocco, in northern Italy. This was the first successful autonomous driving experience of their cars outside of the US. That is great!

In the Turin event, the CEO of Waymo has hinted towards a possible partnership with European companies. He feels this will be beneficial for Waymo in expanding their hold on the European market. Couldn’t agree with him less, to partner with local companies was a really good idea.

Among other accomplishments by this Alphabet owned company – Waymo, the most talked about one is that it hit a whopping number of seven million miles of autonomous driving recently. Well, congratulations! They have come a long way and outshone their rival company – GM’s Cruise.

Does That Mean They Are Moving From The US?

Absolutely not! According to sources they are planning to increase the number of self-driven cars in various parts of the US. Recently the company announced that they are going to add around sixty-two thousand minivans – the Chrysler Pacifica hybrid on the roads. These minivans are already used in Arizona by Waymo.

Further Announcements –

Before all these the company had expressed its desire to work with the Jaguar Electric I-Pace SUVs. They wish to add around twenty thousand of the same in their ever-expanding fleet of cars.

According to some sources, the company is making plans for making money by selling their ‘self-driving’ technology. Their target is set towards the customers of the Fiat Chrysler.

Are The Self Driven Cars Safe?

Apparently, they are safe from certain man-induced hazards like rape, assault etc. However, Uber has decided to call off their self-driven cars despite the major success of two million miles, all because of fatal accidents. These cars are dangerous. In case of a technical failure, there’s no way to handle it. There have been many reports of such fatal accidents all over the world.

Conclusion –

The target set by Waymo is promising yet difficult to achieve. Their success is truly inspiring. That is the challenge. All eyes are on them.

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