The Best Indian Stocks To Invest On For The Next 10 Years

For good returns consider investing on the stock which has AAA rating. These are the stocks that have great fundamentals and other parameters related to long-te

If you are interested in investing in the Indian stock market, then you should make sure to invest in stocks that are going to bring you the maximum benefits in the next 10 years. For this, you need to analyze the market and the various companies properly, keep a keen eye on the market trends.

For good returns consider investing on the stock which has AAA rating. These are the stocks that have great fundamentals and other parameters related to long-term investment. Take a look at some of the names of the companies.

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The List Of Indian Stock For Long-Term Investors


ITC has a lot of products in the Indian market like cigarettes, foods, apparels for men and women, stationary, hotels, information technology, printing, packaging and so on., ITC has a market capitalization worth 410,000 crores for the last 3 years ITC has successfully maintained 57.86% dividend payout which shows that the company is healthy. By studying the financial aspects, one can easily conclude that it is one of the best stocks for the next 109 years to invest on for consistent returns.


HDFC bank is the largest vendor of the private sector by assets. HDFC bank has a huge number of employees, 84325 to be precise and provides customers with a lot of services and products. it is a large player in the market with 430900 crores rupees market capitalization. The ROE for the previous 3 years is 19.5%. Companies which have a gross NPA less than or equal to 2% is worth your investment. HDFC bank’s NPA is 1.05% so it is a great option for investments. With the healthy financial condition, it provides good stock for long-term Indian investors.

Asian Paints

Paint industry has no downs, it is evergreen. Whatever might happen, paint companies will always have demand as newer things will keep on being manufactured. Asian Paints operates on 19 countries making it a safe alternative for you to choose from. They have a market capitalization worth 107175 crores of rupees. The financial growth trend of Asian paints is also seen to be positives it is a really strong company that is definitely going to give you a good return if you invest in the stocks.

Tata Consultancy Services

Tata consultancy services have a strong Indian market providing ITR services all across the globe. Their financial curve shows an exponential increase making it safe for the people to invest in their stock. A positive return is almost guaranteed if you consider investing in TCS for around 10 years. With every passing day, TCS keep son growing and strengthening its position in the market so that there are no close competitors to them.

Thus these were the top 4 Indian stock where you can invest in for the next 190 years and expect to get clean cut profit by a huge margin. With these 4 companies, you can never go wrong.

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