India Celebrates National Sports Day with 50 medals and counting at Asian Games 2018

That is not even the exact figure as the number is still counting. This thought will definitely warm the hearts of all Indians as they have created history by i

The latest news is all about the National Sports Day which is celebrated on the birthday of the legendary hockey player, Major Dhyan Chand. It was a very exciting moment for India on the 29th of August as the country managed to win above 50 medals on the National Sports Day.

That is not even the exact figure as the number is still counting. This thought will definitely warm the hearts of all Indians as they have created history by improving the status of the country in the field of sports.

A Major Winning Moment For India

This year on the National Sports Day, India had many reasons to celebrate. What is even more respectful is that it is also the birthday of the major hockey legend, Major Dhyan Chand. Over the last few years, the Rashtrapati Bhawan has been hosting the Sports Awards. But this will be the only time that this celebration is not happening on the scheduled date. Due to the overlapping with the Asian Games, this decision has been taken by the government that the celebration of the National Sports Day will be instead on 25th September.

One of the best gifts for the major hockey player and the country will definitely come from the games that he has played and won during his time.

Also, the women’s team of hockey has made it very far by taking in on China in the competitions of Asian Games. A win in that competition will provide the country with a status that none can imagine. It will be their second gold medal in the Asian Games after the year 1982.

But one thing remains that India will stand high due to the fact that their status has risen over the rest in the world of sports. With over 50 medals in the National Sports Day and counting, India is certainly ready for a moment of glory as it rises in the world of sports.

The Beginning Of The Sports Day

Since India has made such a victory in the sports field, we should also make an effort to know about the history of National Sports Day. Well, it is one of the most important and patriotic days that are celebrated in the country of India. This day is celebrated in the honor of Dhyan Chand and to celebrate the victories that he got for the country.

Dhyan Chan was the child of Sameshwar Singh and Sharada Singh. He was born on August 29th in the year 1905 in Kushwaha, Allahabad. Well, his father was an officer in the Army of the British and it is recognizing his immense contribution in sports that the National Sports Day is celebrated on his birthday.

Sameshwar Singh had a passion for hockey and used to play it in the spare time. This is probably where Dhyan Chand got the talent and passion for playing hockey. However, this passion didn’t grow until he joined the British Army at a delicate age of 16.

After joining the British Army, he started following the footsteps of his father and the practice began for the sport. Such was his dedication for the sports that he waited for the light to come out in order to practice. There was no electricity in the area so he would wait for the moonlight. Such a dedication is certainly something that should be respected, shouldn’t it?

Well, that was not the only thing. He insisted the members of his team address him by a different name ‘Chand’. This is where he got the name ‘Dhyan Chand’.

It is due to his continuous efforts and practice that he became one of the most famous hockey players in the world. He won many medals for the country and it is in his honor that the country celebrates one of the most important dates in Indian History.

Traditions And Customs In The National Sports Day

The National Sports Day is celebrated with great excitement and joy in the country. The President of India also gives out certain awards such as the Dronacharya Award, the Arjuna Award, and the Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna award. People gather around the statues of Dhyan Chand and offer flowers in honor of the man that made India proud with his multiple medals in hockey. You might also like to read Flying drones to be legal in India from 1st December

India Gives Pride By Winning 50 Medals And Counting

While history remembers Dhyan Chand as just another name, his name is etched in the hearts of people as they remember him on the occasion of National Sports Day. This year this day was indeed very special as the country celebrated the National Sports Day with 50 medals in various fields of sports. It is now the 114th anniversary of Dhyan Chand and India remembers the great legend and all the victories that he won for the country.

Manpreet Singh, former Indian men’s hockey captain said, “His name is synonymous with Indian hockey so an honor like Bharat Ratna should be conferred upon him. But it is not a topic of politics. Maybe he is beyond that recognition too.”

Harendra Kumar, the coach for men’s hockey team quoted, “For the rest of the world, he is Dhyan Chand. But, for us, he is dadda. The players respect him because of what he achieved for India. Even today, when several senior players reach the National Stadium for practice, you will see them bowing to his statue as a mark of respect.”

Many senior players still consider Major Dhyan Chand as one of the most prominent players in the country. He is certainly an inspiration for the players of today.

To Conclude,

India has certainly risen a lot when it comes to sports. And the number of medals that the country won in the National Sports Day is the proof of that. While Major Dhyan Chand’s contribution in the field of sports cannot be matched but this winning spree by the Indian athletes has helped reach his name to the different parts of the world. We hope that the country continues to win medals in the upcoming games and makes India proud.  

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