7 things you need to know about G7 Summit

Here’s a quick guide to everything you have got to know about the upcoming summit. Do you know what actually G7 Summit is?                

Hearing the buzz about the G7 Summit everywhere? If you don’t want to feel left out you need to keep yourself updated with some of these cool G7 facts. Too busy to catch up with everything that’s been going on in the world? 

Here’s a quick guide to everything you have got to know about the upcoming summit.

Do you know what actually G7 Summit is?                  

 It is a type of an event conducted every year where the leaders of the world from the most powerful economies of about seven in number from all over the world that is countries like Japan, Italy, Canada, France, United States, United Kingdom and Germany come together to talk about the heating issues burning all over the globe. After that comes the understanding of each other’s issues, mutually forming and implementing important policies and thinking of effective solutions for the issues concerned.

Wondering where the G7 summit of this year 2018 was held?

This year the G7 summit took place on 8 to 9th of June. The venue for this event was Quebec of Canada. The location of it varies every year and there is no fixed place for this event compulsory to be held every year. Thus the location is decided and summoned according to the members of the countries. Who sets the agenda? the country where the event will eventually be decided, not only takes care of the G7 presidency but also undertake the responsibility of setting the agenda appointed for that year.

G8- what really happened to it?

In the year 1975, the leaders across the above mentioned countries gathered together to talk on the serious topic about the oil shock that occurred catastrophically in 1973, along with the financial crisis matters and concerns. These leaders in 1976 decided to change the name G8 to G7 and after the anti- protest of G7 began under heavy military support in the city of Quebec, the war of Trump is finally dismissed by Trudeau in 1812. After that, since the meeting was shifted to Brussels this entire group of important leaders came to be named as G7 from G8.

Wondered about what G20 is?

G20 is just a forum, especially for the emerging economies, constituted of 19 countries. It represents 85 percent of the world’s economic output. What’s the main agenda you ask? Well, it focuses primarily on the issues related to finance and economy. G20 was first held in 2008. The G20 group gathers every year at the level of leadership.

What actually G7 works for?

The G7 works for the discussion of the solution regarding multiple issues all over the globe such as poverty, gender inequality, climate change, health issues etc. Did you see how Trudeau put his stamp in G7? Trudeau boldly marked the intention of making sure of the greatest emphasis on women empowerment as well as gender equality.

How G7 is related to the president of US, Donald Trump?

Trump with his aluminium tariffs annoyed the leaders of G7 group, which during Summit, unfortunately, resulted to disagreement invitation from these top leaders of G7 with Trump. Both Germany and France did not agree to sign the agreement which is the final one unless Trump makes any reasonable changes to it. 

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