Tips to achieve success in hospitality management

Hospitality managers are essentially multi-taskers. They are ambitious, meticulous, and exceptionally hard-working individuals.  This industry requires both ha

The hospitality industry is a significant contributor to both the national as well as global economy. This multibillion-dollar industry offers exciting career options like jobs in hotels, restaurants, bars as well as in theme parks, cruise ships, country clubs and more.

Hospitality managers are essentially multi-taskers. They are ambitious, meticulous, and exceptionally hard-working individuals.  This industry requires both hands-on experiences as well as traditional classroom learning combined to make a successful manager.

Whether or not you are already a part of this industry, the first thing necessary is to spend time on your education. This is essential as there are continuous changes and trends that crop up in this new digital age which make it essential to always keep ahead of any trends that start in the industry.

Believe in providing the best service:

After you’ve received a fair bit of training, now the trick is to keep learning on your own. That means reading books on marketing or watching videos on Youtube, subscribing to hospitality related magazines, reading articles and blogs, talking to your housekeeping staff. All I’m saying is an experiment with anything and everything. Be the jack of all trades. Know everyone’s job and how they work.

Build a happy hospitality team:

The secret to success in this industry is to communicate with your staff. Happy staff= happy clients.

Miscommunication leads to silly mistakes. From your clients to the staff members, everyone should be on the same page as you are. You are a role model, the fixer, everyone's going to guy.  Know how to follow instructions, give directions and explain procedures to correctly address your concerns.

Work on your Relationship management:

Again it becomes difficult to do the job right if you are continuously cleaning up after others. This means if you have the authority you need to hire good, efficient people. Skilled, dedicated, honest, employees go a long way to making your job as hotelier successful. Sack employees that steal products or time. Appreciate good ones.

A good workforce makes your hospitality venue stand out:

In this dog eat dog industry it is extremely important to develop a positive work environment. Team dynamics is essential and is built on mutual respect and keeping a good professional attitude towards each other. Appreciate the skill of each employee, and this will encourage the staff to do their jobs well.

Use new ideas to stand out:

Remember it is your job to be an innovator. Use ideas that attract more customers. Know your completion. Make sure that your customers look for the following while deciding which venue to choose from, to return to, and/or to recommend to others:

  • Quality of customer service

  • Loyalty programs

  • Interior décor

  • Prices

  • Variety

  • Location and convenience

  • Menu offerings

Lastly, put service above everything else:

Remember that the customer is always right. This will apply to every situation of hospitality management because remember that this profession is built on customer satisfaction.

Follow these simple tips and you are good to go.

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