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Yoga and the numbers

Today is the fourth International Yoga Day. It was first proposed by the Prime Minister Narendra Modi in his speech at the UN in 2014, with an aim to spread the benefits of yoga to the world. Yoga has become extremely popular across the world and people are even willing to pay for it. While the world is celebrating the international Yoga Day, these statistics give an insight into the potential the industry holds. There is a requirement of five lakh yoga instructors in India as against two lakh registered yoga instructors. There are more than 3000 yoga teachers who are already teaching yoga in China. Indians are willing to shell out Rs. 5000- Rs.25000 every month for yoga. As against the same, yoga classes by Baba Ramdev charge a fee of Rs.1000-Rs.2000. With the surge in popularity of yoga across the world, the value of yoga industry has reached $80 billion worldwide. 20.4 million Americans practice yoga.


Narendra Modi’s government has moved aggressively to ensure rules regarding yoga are shaped in India. The government says on an average about three people have been certified as ‘Yoga professional’ everyday. It has also certified more than 3000 people as yoga instructors in three years. A yoga certification board has been established in the country. In 2015, the government established a common protocol for the practice of yoga.

In addition, there is a huge market for wellness in the country with the government building employable professionals who can live by practicing yoga. A study estimated that there is a shortage of more than three lakh yoga instructors in the country. There are opportunities to work as a yoga instructor in nature resorts, fitness centers, schools and even becoming perusal yoga instructors for celebrities. Yoga ashrams and fitness institutes offer a range of yoga courses from short term to long term and they have witnessed a huge increase in the footfalls. Yoga’s image has changed from being traditional to trendy in no time.  

There is a huge demand for yoga teaches in China and South East Asia. There are more than 3000 yoga teachers from Rishikesh and Haridwar who are working in China alone. There is a growth in the wellness industry and the government wants to make it lucrative for people to take it up as a profession. People are willing to pay huge money to learn yoga.

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