How to use conferences to get users for your startup?

It is important to keep in mind that you might not get your big break here. With so many startups competing for recognition and space in the market, the chances

With the rise of the Internet and the latest technological advances across the World, it has become difficult to travel to a conference. With the ease of video chats, looking up information online and attend webinars from time to time, most entrepreneurs avoid heading to a conference. Conferences have become passé, with the hours of travel time and the ease of learning from the comfort of your home. However, conferences can be extremely helpful for startup founders. It all depends on how you use a conference to increase your knowledge as well as build a user base. 

It is important to keep in mind that you might not get your big break here. With so many startups competing for recognition and space in the market, the chances of getting a big break are very low. Instead of attending a conference with the intention to gain massive exposure, it is advisable to keep your expectations realistic and look for different ways to gain a larger user base. Entrepreneurs can use conferences to gain a larger following organically, with a large number of industry experts in one location, it is a great opportunity to socialize with like minded people. Experts and influencers are in huge supply and they give access to the latest and the best in the industry, in terms of the trends, future expectations and different ways of marketing. In a new place, you will be able to learn and retain the knowledge too. With better understanding and memory, this information will help you bring about a change in the way you carry your business.

Compared to the large fan following that will eventually fade, conferences will help you expand your user base in a lasting fashion. With a meaningful understanding of the industry trends, you will be able to tap that knowledge and create effective methods of marketing your products. This opportunity will not only get you more users, but also help you keep them in the long run. Another important benefit of attending a conference, is the opportunity of networking. Networking with the right people in the right way will help you gain immense information and an insight into the industry. No form of social media can replace the value of networking face to face. With a personal touch in your conversations, you can make meaningful connections with like minded individuals. You can also target specific people to network with and ignite an interest in your business which makes a lot more sense than talking to hundreds of people over a couple of days. You can also attend a conference with your team, who will help you do the networking and also build connections across the industry.

Conferences have definitely become obsolete and individuals are questioning its value. However, no form of technology has been able to replace them yet. If you are willing to put in an additional effort towards marketing your startup, attend the next conference and see how it pays off. 

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