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Why do all startups come with a mobile application?

We all have seen the surge in the development of mobile applications. With the advance technology and the growing smartphone market, mobile applications have become essential for a wide range of startups. Majority individuals own a smartphone today, most of the smartphones are equipped with a 3G connectivity and with the cheap and easily available data plans, nobody can resist using the internet which opens a new horizon for one and all. 

Having a mobile friendly website is no more sufficient, users are now ordering food, booking cabs, shopping, booking movie tickets as well as flight tickets and performing many tasks online. Nobody wants to wait for the website to load on the mobile and then perform their tasks, which is where the mobile application holds importance. Every entrepreneur is taking the optimum user experience as a priority. Mobile applications not only enhance the user experience, but also make it easier, prompt and convenient to use. A wide range of companies offers mobile development services which constitute full fledged development of the application as per the business requirements.

The users are now aware about the latest technology and are constantly checking every single thing on their mobile. A mobile application is the best way to connect with the users and to offer them an optimum user experience in terms of browsing. With an app, the users have various options available, in terms of customer service, placing an order, tracking the order or posting reviews. When everything is mobile, it is easier for users to make the most of it and add comfort and convenience to their life.

Mobile application increases the brand awareness and helps attract users towards the brand. In addition, it also allows the brand to showcase its products and services in a user friendly manner which will boost interest for the customers and enable them a quick access to your offering. By having access to your products at their fingertips, the users will be drawn to take a glimpse of all that you have to offer. A large number of users are active on social media, thus, with a mobile app, companies make it easier for the users to like, pin and share the products. It offers a quick and convenient shopping experience. It has been noted that mobile apps increase the customer base and enhance the user experience as compared to the mobile friendly website.

When you have a well developed app, you can ensure a seamless shopping experience for all the users. Mobile application requires huge investment, but the good news is that you can start from a small test before making the investment. When your business is growing, you can carry out a market survey and build a test application to see how it runs. The development of mobile application can only be initiated when the customer base reaches a particular number. It is also important to remember that a mobile app is very different from a mobile friendly website. 

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