Defining the fashion trends for jewelry- In conversation with the young and dynamic entrepreneur, Nishtha Goel

The entrepreneurial journey: Nishtha shares, “Tripti’s Exclusive is all about handcrafted jewellery with quiet an interesting entrepreneurial journey. It st

A self-taught designer, Nishtha Goel, Founder, Tripti’s Exclusive is creating some of the finest custom pieces through polymer clay which are completely hand crafted & very unique in their own way. With her recent participation in the Lakme Fashion Week, the young entrepreneur is receiving appreciation for her craft & uniqueness. In an exclusive conversation with Business2Business, Nishtha gives us a peek inside her world of design, trends in jewellery and latest designs, and much more: 

The entrepreneurial journey: Nishtha shares, “Tripti’s Exclusive is all about handcrafted jewellery with quiet an interesting entrepreneurial journey. It started as a job trial, since with no formal training in jewellery making, I was not sure if it will work or not, but now it has grown on to become a full fledged business.” 

Her latest collection and experience at the Lakme Fashion Week: Nishtha shares, “The latest collection that was showcased at LFW SR 2017 is called ‘Sanctity’ ‘Roop Ek Naam Anek’. There is one God with different names is the inspiration behind the brand’s signature collection Sanctity, which is a collection of representations of various Indian deities (Krishna, Buddha, Kali, Shiva, Durga, Radha, Ardhanareshwar). The designs in the collection have similar facial features while the difference in each inspiration is being represented with the help of their attire. Krishna wears a peacock feather whereas Shiva has dense locks with a third eye and the crescent. It’s the finnese of the designs and the subtle shift from one inspiration to the other that makes this one of its kind collection truly special.” She adds, “The experience of being a part of LFW SR 2017 is surreal. The event is, as we all know GRAND and this time it was even bigger and better.” 

Stones/metals she is particularly drawn to at the moment: Nishtha shares, “At the moment, I am working with Polymer as the base material for all my jewellery and that is one thing I am really drawn to at the moment. It is colourful, flexible and extremely light weight, thus, giving me all the freedom to go all out with my creative sense and design eccentric jewellery pieces.”

Maintaining high-quality practices: Nishtha shares, “It is extremely important to adhere and maintain high quality standard all the time. What is fashion without quality? When someone thinks of a brand, the first thing that he/she talks about is the quality of the products that they offer to the customers and that are how the brand loyalty is established.” 

Bringing new ideas and designs to the Indian market: Sharing more on bringing the global trends to the Indian customers Nishtha shares, “People don’t lack complete knowledge when it comes to jewellery, but yes there are certain things that they are still not aware of. Like the new materials that are used about the globe to create such beautiful and wearable pieces of art and that we where Tripti’s Exclusive as a brand is trying to bridge the gap. We are working on bringing new ideas, materials and designs that exist in different parts of the world, but are completely new to the Indian market.”

Traditional versus modern jewellery: “Each to its own is what I will say. As far as me and my brand is concerned, we are trying to bridge the gap between the two and come up with jewellery designs which are traditional or ethnic in designs but made out of a relatively  modern base material,” shares Nishtha.

Upcoming trends: Nishtha shares, “The jewellery industry is changing rapidly. Now we see a lot of budding designers that are coming up with quirky jewellery concepts and making them a trend to be followed. Artists are now working with concrete, machine parts of a watch, paper and what not! So yes, definitely Quirky is the upcoming trend in the jewellery design industry.”

Brand presence: Nishtha shares, “We are selling our work both online and offline. Customers can visit our website to check out our latest collection or if they want to walk into a store and feel the product before picking it up for themselves, we have stores in Delhi, Pune and Mumbai.”

Advice for entrepreneurs: One advice that I give to everybody is- Get into a line of work only if you are passionate about it. If that one emotion is in place, nothing can stop you from reaching at the top.

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