Fastest Growing Brands in India 2018

1. Amazon: Loved by thousands of individuals, this America based brand is a world leader in e-commerce market. With more than 25 million products for sale, Amaz

In today’s modern world there is tough competition in the field of brands.  So here are some of the leading brands for you who are in trend and will attain much growth in 2018 and further years.

1. Amazon: Loved by thousands of individuals, this America based brand is a world leader in e-commerce market. With more than 25 million products for sale, Amazon is the biggest online store in India. It provides range of products such as gazettes like Kindle, Fire Tablets, Fire TV, beauty products, apparels and many more. Amazon is also trying its hand in grocery retail sector as well in this year. You can also sell products and create your own e-business with multiple facilities provided by Amazon.

2. Paytm: As the acronym suggests ‘payment through mobile’, it enables you to make payments online through its e-wallet. This Delhi based e-payments and e-commerce brand was commenced in 2010 but it witnessed boom in the year 2016. Because of Demonetization and government supporting Digital India, Paytm made its way to become one of the biggest e-commerce brands in India. In last two years it has achieved more than 300% year-on-year growth. In 2018 it is aiming to reach Gross Market Value of 4 million US Dollars and 10 million US Dollars in the next two years.

3. Decathlon: This world’s largest sports brand is serving in India for more than 10 years. It provides products like Clothing, Sportswear and Sports Equipments across the world at extremely affordable prices. After the 100% FDI policy by Indian Government in February 2013, it became easier to buy decathlon’s products directly from the stores. It is planning to open around 60 outlets in coming 5 years, providing better products and services.

4. Reebok: Based in England, Reebok is a leading brand for lifestyle and sportswear products. It renders a range of products for all individuals which are also affordable in price. Though being a little low in past five years, Reebok is now planning to open 5 more stores in Bengaluru in next 12 months and other places as well. Its India Senior Marketing director, Silvia Tallon stated that everything is positive and we are all green. So in coming few years Reebok will still hold the market.

5. Xiaomi: Started in 2011, this Chinese smart phone brand witnessed boom globally with a growth rate of 56% last year. It was ranked as the world’s fastest growing smart phone brand in the year 2017. It overtook leading tech giants like Samsung, Apple, Huawei and other brands by gaining 96% of yearly shipments.

6. Rolex: This London based company is the largest single luxury watch brand which produces around 2,000 watches per day. It occupies a great share in Indian market as well. It witnessed around 25-30 per cent growth over the last two years which will be increased in the coming years. It has been ranked 64th by Forbes magazine in its 2016 list of as the world’s most powerful global brands.

7. Provogue: It is an Indian brand which deals in clothing as well as fashion accessories. This brand provides range of varieties in clothing for men like trousers, jeans, shirts, t-shirts etc. A best thing about this brand is that its products are available on all the major shopping apps and clothing websites of India.

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