What is the future of open office space in India 2018

The future of work is bringing down the office spaces. The offices are accompanied by collaborative work spaces which foster creativity and helps create an entr

The traditional Indian office has gone through a makeover and is taken over by the storm of open offices. Open offices were initially designed for higher efficiency and productivity. Research suggests that open office plan design represents about 70% of the US offices. The first open office space was accepted in Silicon Valley followed by advertising and media conglomerates.

The future of work is bringing down the office spaces. The offices are accompanied by collaborative work spaces which foster creativity and helps create an entrepreneurial mindset. Offices are no longer about the formal corporate look or the standard repetition. They are about a purposeful variety of settings which are unique and welcoming as well as high performing. Open office spaces allow people to create ideas together and offer a variety of experiences with a casual feel about it. The new workplace model is about a place where people bring their laptop, chat, meditate and complete their work. As professional careers blend into private lives, it is time that offices are integrated into open work spaces. The stylish hybrid environment, privacy, mobility and technology lead to increase in productivity and creativity significantly.

The chairman of the company sits in the same area and the same kind of desk as everyone else. It allows the removal of any sort of hierarchy and fosters team building. The growth of coworking industry owes its success to the open office design. It is cost effective and an ideal solution for startups. Open offices are designed around how the employees feel and interact. Better the employees feel, better they work. Employees can control their own workspace and connect with likeminded individuals within the same office. A large number of corporates are switching from traditional to open office spaces. India has adapted the open office culture and is strongly promoting the co working spaces as well. 2018 will be the year for the acceptance and the growth of open working spaces across the country. The employees will understand the importance of having their own space to work in and the impact on creativity due to the same.

The physical environment has a significant impact on the performance and productivity of the employees. The open office culture ensures that the employees are comfortable, convenient and happy to find their own space. With a large number of companies offering a work from home option, the co-working space will also see tremendous growth in the coming years.

Organizations need to figure out how they can create different places where each worker will be able to find privacy, recharge, rejuvenate, connect with other employees and increase their productivity. If the idea of open work spaces can enhance creativity and improve the performance of the employees, it is an ideal step the companies should take. Open office spaces are going to dominate 2018 and the years ahead until they are replaced with an even more flexible and productivity enhancing working space.


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