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In conversation with Promita Sengupta, Director, Cre8comm – India’s first community driven hyperlocal e-commerce marketplace!

More about Cre8comm: Promita shares, “Cre8comm is India’s first community driven hyperlocal e-commerce marketplace which home-delivers traditional ess

Promita Sengupta, Director, Cre8comm started the venture with a vision to bring multiple communities under one umbrella. Cre8comm has been successful in providing an easy access to all traditional, authentic and classic products and services at the click of a button. Leading the marketing and operations team along with spearheading the expansion of Cre8comm into different categories and regions, Promita has expertise in assisting long-term development and success of the viable business. Being recognized with LorealFemina ‘Women of Worth’ Award for Innovation, FICCI Aparajita Award, and Tata Housing CSR Award; in this conversation we explore more  on her business acumen and plans for Cre8comm.

More about Cre8comm: Promita shares, “Cre8comm is India’s first community driven hyperlocal e-commerce marketplace which home-delivers traditional essentials and products to all the diverse communities. The company aims to deliver authentic and special foods, especially those that you are craving for, and we go an extra step by bringing sumptuous traditional dishes and our chefs are locals of the same community.”

How the platform works: Sharing more on how the platform works Promita says,“Cre8comm home delivers traditional essentials and products to all the diverse communities of India. We partner with the best local talent bridging avenues to build relationships in their culturally enriching journeys in delivering to India’s first community services based platform. This is a service which allows all our partners to serve from their own kitchens. We strongly believe in bringing people together through our socially responsible segment to a socio-cultural platform.” She adds, “We cater to customer needs, by delivering food items in fresh, raw or cooked categories, traditional apparel, items for a ‘Puja Samagri’ for any occasion (be it a marriage or simply a griha pravesh), and sweets (Misti). Our aim is to deliver fresh foods in 2 hours to preserve its freshness, making life convenient and hassle free.”

Marketing channels: “Our key marketing channels are Social Media (Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin), Tele Marketing and our team reaching out to condos and large offices, connecting with restaurants and community based associations,” shares Promita.

New initiatives of Cre8comm: “We have recently launched ‘Just Oriya’, launched multiple B2B partnerships and created multiple gateway payment options,” says Promita.

More about community driven start-ups: Sharing insights on the same, Promita says. “Not many organized community based start-ups are there in the country today. Definitely a gap, that Cre8comm is trying to fill in. We have just scratched the surface for now. The potential and need is extremely high given the fact that people are moving more and more away from their culture / food, etc. and so is the expertise and knowledge around it.” She adds, “Our experience shows that if community based products and services are made available in abundance, then the impact can be significant.  A study  has reported that even Amazon has not been able to break the close relationship that people have with the existing unorganized community based services. This could be true for most countries in the world and hence the enormous opportunity.”

Plans for Cre8comm for the next 5 years: “We are currently focusing on expanding into other communities like Oriya, Malayali, and Bihari. Cre8comm is a diversified community portal, like no other marketplaces in the world. It’s fresh and easily accessible. In long run, Cre8comm is planning to launch ‘Culture Kitchen’ which would revolutionize the way meal services are being handled today in the country,” shares Promita.

Her advice for all the women entrepreneurs: Starting an entrepreneurial venture is exciting, but is not a bed of roses. It is full of challenges. And, being a female entrepreneur, it is imperative to nurture Communication, Networking, Ability to Delegate, Sales Skill and Always be Open to Learn! Follow your heart. It will always take you in the right direction and never be afraid to take risks in life.

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