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Habits to improve your freelancing career!

Getting up early I know you’re bored of reading this tip, but trust me when I say that this one is the most important. Let me break it down and explain why

Having a lifestyle which gives you a work/life balance especially when you have just started out with freelancing can be overwhelming and difficult. People choose freelancing because they want more time to do things they love. To accomplish this, a healthy lifestyle with habits that helps you accomplish more work as well as give you time to enjoy life are necessary.

Build a daily routine, make this your framework to get all the work done. It’s imperative to make a schedule, take control of your day and ultimately get more done in less time.

Getting up early

I know you’re bored of reading this tip, but trust me when I say that this one is the most important. Let me break it down and explain why?

Morning hours are distraction free, no one rings your bell, no texts/calls nothing. This is that part of the day when you can finish the most important task.

I try to get up by 5:30 AM, this gives me time to take a shower, workout and get to work by 8. When millions are snoozing their alarms, I’m already 1-2 tasks in my day.

This feeling is good, this acts as a motivation. Try it for yourself!

Make a to-do lists

When I’m at my desk at 8, my first task is to make a list of all the goals that I wish to accomplish that day. I usually pen down 6-8 tasks for the day, do not make unrealistic goals, because the feeling of not completing them is disheartening.

Plan your priorities, don't rely on the moment to figure out how you’re gonna spend your time.

Also break your goals into actionable tasks.

Take productive breaks

When you accomplish 1-2 goals, take a break. Give yourself some rest, it’s really important. This keeps you motivated.

Also, when you take such breaks, make them productive. For example, organize your work space, or watch a motivational video. Make a list of not so important things which will come handy when you take breaks.

The objective here is to use your time more effectively.

Don’t focus on hours, focus on the work

Don’t make it a target to work 8 or 10 hours a day, a work which can get completed in an hour won’t be better if you do it in two hours.

There is no working too much or too little. There’s only working enough.

Take your to-do list and write the estimated time that a particular task should take. Try to stick to it. You have your goals and timing lined up. Take breaks and grind!

If you’re freelancing full time, then your bread and butter depends on it. Treat it like a job and you will be rewarded. A healthy lifestyle with good habits will take you far.

These were some of the tips that I use and have found them most effective, take what you want, modify them according to yourself and apply them. If you have any tip/habit which I should know and which will increase my productivity, leave them in the comment box down below. As always, stay tuned for more. 

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