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GST Council Revises Rate of 66 Items: Movies, Packaged Food To Get Cheaper

Tax rates for as many as 66 items including kitchen staples like pickles and mustard sauce under the ensuing GST regime were cut on Sunday to meet demands from various quarters as the country prepares for rollout of one-nation-one-tax regime in less than three weeks.

Within weeks of the all-powerful GST Council fitting over 1,200 items into one of the 5, 12, 18 and 28 per cent tax slabs, there were complaints from various quarters about high tax incidence on various goods and services.

The GST Council, which met for the 16th time today (Sunday), took up demands for revision in tax rates of 133 items but reduced it only for 66, including agarbatti, computer printers, cashews, children drawing books and school bags.

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