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In conversation with Ashish Bahukhandi, Founder & CEO, AppsDiscover Technologies

AppsDiscover today is one of the fastest growing digital ad network marketing companies in India and started functioning in the year 2013 by setting up its headquarters in Gurgaon, Haryana. Ashish Bahukhandi, Founder & CEO, AppsDiscover Technologies has a journey packed with varied experiences. He is a strong believer of the fact that success knocks when you endlessly focus on your goal and put your energies into the right direction at the right time. By converting his idea into a successful business, he has proved that hard work, dedication and patience always pay off! Ashish began as a solopreneur with no financial background and his journey of establishing AppsDiscover in the fast pace digital advertising market was full of challenges. In this exclusive interaction with him, we explored more about his business, achievements, future plans and a lot more:

The journey: Ashish shares, “The Company was self-funded and started operations with minimal investment. With an initial base of 1-2 employees, I played multiple roles and handled all aspects of business single handedly. Also, there are few things which I would like to mention and which are an essential part of the journey of AppsDiscover. The strength of AppsDiscover is its leadership team which has given a strong backbone to the business. Today, with more than 60 employees and with 50% revenue increase year on year, the company has expanded itself in the overseas markets of Singapore and Indonesia.”

More about AppsDiscover: Ashish shares, “AppsDiscover Technologies Pvt Ltd is a premium Digital Ad Network Marketing Company that offers the most preferred online affiliate programs & affiliate marketing products which help advertisers across multiple industrial backgrounds to advertise their service offerings and track mobile ad campaigns in the easiest way possible.We offer digital promotion for various kind of Campaigns like Mobile Application Promotion, Value Added Services Promotion, Subscription Based Products Promotions, etc.through internet traffic monetization campaign models like CPI, CPC, CPA, CPL, CPM, etc. There are three signature products of AppsDiscover - Adjunkie, Mobjunkie, and Offers Board to offer quality solutions that help advertisers and developers in generating the maximum revenue from their products and services.”

USPs of Appsdiscover: Ashish says that the major USPs that differentiates AppsDiscover from other players in the market are:

  1. Complete Ad Network solutions to customers from diversified industries,
  2. Innovative processes for innovative solutions,
  3. Fairness, Integrity, and Honesty with clients, associates and stakeholders,
  4. Use of Android SDK to deliver high-quality ads with high conversion and payouts.

Advice to marketers and advertisers are looking for business growth with online ad campaigns: “Indian Digital Advertising industry is growing tremendously, second fastest in Asia after China and the rising penetration of smartphones and tablets are adding fuel to this growth,” shares Ashish. He adds, “As digital platforms are leveraging better consumer experiences, marketers and advertisers must invest in Digital Advertising to garner best returns.  The expedition of digital ad world continues to march ahead thrashing defeatist claims of companies over investing in the vertical. As I perceive, Digital Advertising is going to decide the future of startups in the coming future.”

South East Asia and Europe as business expansion destinations: Sharing more on the expansion plans, Ashish shares, “These are the markets with lucrative growth prospects. As per the eMarketer and IAB Singapore report, digital advertising is expected to see double-digit growth in 2017 due to the rapid internet adoption and consumer demand for mobile and video.”

Major achievements and future plans: “We have strong partner base worldwide. After establishing a strong foundation in India, we are now consistently growing in the offshore markets too. Subsequently making impressive entries in Singapore and Indonesia our next target is Australia, which is also among the largest markets in the world,” shares Ashish. 

India as a market for Ad networks: Sharing his views on the same, Ashish explains, “Digitization in India came in at a stage when other developed countries already reaping benefits out of it. It took time for corporate and individuals to accept this sudden change when conventional methods of advertising and promoting one’s services were no longer viable to such an extent that digital media was capable of. The latest entrants in ad networks are surely and steadily growing strong for future prospects.”

Success Mantra of Appsdiscover: “The ability to anticipate the future needs of the businesses, the receptiveness towards innovative technologies and a dynamic team of young & creative techies that helps businesses in monetizing their traffic are the propellers of our success,” shares Ashish. 

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