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Flaunting the handwoven magic- In conversation with the man creating this magic, Bodh Rajpuria Singh!

Handwoven sarees are becoming very popular among women and they are using it as a strong statement of their identities. A lot of working women in cities are opting for traditional wear and that it what has prompted a lot of brands and designers to become handwoven saree retailers. One of them is Gol Chakkar Saree Hut that promotes silk handloom sarees which are sourced from the weavers directly. The boutique showcases the contemporary as well as a classic saree range and aims to be more inclusive to a larger segment of women. In addition to it, they have a workshop where weavers do weaving & embroidery work. We caught up with Bodh Rajpuria Singh, Founder, Gol Chakkar Saree Hut to know more about his journey, inspirations, and a lot more:

The entrepreneurial journey: "I grew up with creative go-getters who inspired me to become the person I have become today. I have always been influenced by fabrics & embellishments right from when I was in 2nd standard. There was a Nanee Jee boutique right next to my house, so I grew up seeing sewing machines & fabrics all around me! I was sure of what I wanted quite early in my life so all the hard work and the preparation went towards creating the brand that I stand by now. Right from my instinct for aesthetics to my education to my job training etc., everything and every experience has been poured into Gol Chakkar Saree Hut" 

Evolution of the work: "Indian fashion is dynamic & that allows me to be classic and contemporary at the same time. Awareness regarding style grows exponentially in people every day and that challenges my design sensibilities in a way that allows the brand to grow with every client or patron who becomes part of this process," shares Bodh Rajpuria Singh.

The western touch: When asked that do influences from outside the country find their way into the work you do, Bodh Rajpuria Singh shares, "I hope that it does! I love to be on top of the latest trends, plus I am a travel-junkie. As part of my job I do have to keep myself abreast with the fashion world & that influence I am sure might be reflecting in my work. I represent modern style with ethnicity."

Current fascination: "I am fascinated by colours right now & that is why you may see that my work is very vibrant & colourful," shares Bodh Rajpuria Singh.

Upcoming trends: On this Bodh Rajpuria Singh shares,"Trends are a dicey concept when it comes to Indian fashion industry. As far as Gol Chakkar Saree Hut goes, we try to keep ahead of trends and right now its artisans, colours, colours & colors!

Future Plans: "We are in the traditional yet modern domain & saree as a trend & fashion is picking up. Everyone wants to own their own piece & we want to cater to all and create a brand image in that direction," shares Bodh Rajpuria Singh.

Inspiration: When asked who inspires you the most in fashion Bodh Rajpuria Singh shares, "I feel India has its own version bohemian chic in terms of tribal and rural ethnicity. The mix and match of prints embroideries and silhouettes just leave me astounded every time. Hence, I like everything that is being worn in oomph & style like a Sonam Kapoor making an indo-western appearance or a Vidya Balan going for a traditional look & looking gorgeous every time!"

Favorite part about being a designer: Bodh Rajpuria Singh says, "My favourite part is that the world ceases to amaze me and everything can be soaked in to inspire you - be it travel, researching person’s mood, or shades & shades of colors"

Growing fashion consciousness among Indians: "With men experimenting with silhouettes these days in terms of drapes and flows I think the menswear industry is on the verge of a fundamental breakthrough," says Bodh Rajpuria Singh. He adds, "As for women with bold choices we see a lot of metrosexual preferences here… Both are drawing inspirations from each other."

Advice to the young entrepreneurs: When you love your work you don’t have to work a day in your life. But having said that, I believe hard work & wearing a good attitude on your sleeves will get you places. Just Believe in yourself & do it with confidence!

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