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Recognizing the experience, knowledge and integrity of the New Age Service Providers- NAR-India announced 21st March as the World Realtors Day.

With the growing presence of the National Association of Realtors-India (NAR-India) across the country and the need of professional brokerage, NAR-India is celebrating the Journey of a Realtor from a mere Middleman to a salesman to the New Age service provider. To honour the profession and to celebrate the remarkable journey of a Realtor, NAR-India announced 21st March as the World Realtor Day. The very first of its kind celebration to honour the Realtor Fraternity was hosted at the Hotel Shangrila, Bangalore. To embark the journey of professional brokerage business in India, this very initiative of NAR-India is in true spirits marking the Realtor Profession as a profession that demands all the respect and value that it truly deserves.

NAR India as Realtors coming together on this day proves the very fact that they are Professional Realtors working on the pre-defined Code of Ethics and a predefined Philosophy of Honesty, Integrity and Transparency (HIT Philosophy). The entire week is dedicated to this celebration and as a prelude to the World Realtors’ Day, NAR has seen huge involvements of the 35+ local associations wholeheartedly getting involved in the 3 day nationwide community service by organising blood donation camps, feeding the homeless, and serving orphanages and hospital. With great enthusiasm and zeal, the World Realtors’ Day was followed by a National Annual Sports competition, NAR-India Olympiad at the Brigade Orchards, Devanahalli from 22nd March to 24th March 2017. NAR-India marks the beginning of the New Age Era. To celebrate and show the support towards the real estate fraternity, the event will be celebrated across the country and all the local associations actively supported the concept.

The need of the hour in Indian Real Estate Industry is a perfect blend of FIT (Fulfillment – Inventory – Technology) which can cater to all the requirements of an ideal real estate organisation. We have seen companies losing out because of a single missing element out of FIT. The property portals usually don’t have the fulfillment arm and the transaction companies miss out on a reliable technology platform which can be used for lead generation. With developments like RERA, Benami Transaction Act, Demonetization, etc. Professional New Age Brokerage firms would be some of the few survivors in this highly competitive and unforgiving environment. Education and Training will play a crucial role in making us Realtors way above a local broker.

With the changing trends in Real Estate Brokerage and array of developments this industry has witnessed a phenomenal growth in terms of the role of the real estate broker. With the upcoming regulatory boards in each state and also the growing use of technology in the day to day operations, the future of the brokerage is moving towards the right direction and gaining momentum with each passing day.

Mr. Sam Chopra, President, National Association of Realtors - India; Chairman, Association of Property Professional and Founder Chairman, India Operations of the worlds' largest network of real estate Professionals RE/MAX says “The world has become a uniform global platform and realtors have started working across borders with the help of various business models and options available to trade internationally. In simple terms, I believe that the local real estate business combined with global exposure which I call being Glocal (GLObal + loCAL) is the key to Success. Associations like NAR-Global which is the world's largest trade body and reserves the rights of the term REALTOR & NAR l-India have collaborated with likeminded people to impart education in this industry that was the need of the hour for this industry to grow and mature into a profession that stands on the firm pillars of Trust, Honesty and Integrity. This gives Realtors a more qualified value and hence makes them different from the crowd of the average unskilled transacting middlemen!”

With the world getting closer day by day due to the technological advancements, the impact is also visible in the real estate industry in India. Many forces have been playing their significant bit in revolutionizing this industry, be it Training, Technology, real estate trends, etc. Talking about ‘training’, various specialized real estate courses are now available to Indian brokers to up skill themselves and professionally use these designations. A lot of professional colleges have started teaching real estate courses. The consumer today is more aware than ever and he/she demands high quality end to end service backed with knowledge and professionalism.  Only a New Age Broker with futuristic, professional and service oriented approach towards the business can fulfil such expectations of the clients and be successful in this competitive environment. 

We as NAR-India are the Voice of Professional Realtors. We have 20,000 plus associates through almost 40 local associations and it was utmost important for us to distinguish ourselves from the general broker community.

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