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Want to enhance your business – Read some social media mistakes that you would like to avoid for your brand and business

Make a social media marketing plan: Before creating any social media account, you should come up with a social media marketing plan. Set your goals, target audi

 Be it a Startup or a well established firm, everyone is striving hard to achieve and channelize their audience. Forgetting that Social Media has an impactful role to play, we often neglect social media business boosting opportunities. Besides, connecting people, Social Media can boost reaches and traffic if used properly. The need is for us to be proficient enough to know how Social Media can be used a blessing in disguise. Let’s understand how-

Make a social media marketing plan: Before creating any social media account, you should come up with a social media marketing plan. Set your goals, target audience, demographics, and then work on the social media strategy and platform to be used.

All B2C businesses should be on Facebook and Twitter: Facebook and Twitter can be useful for your businesses as you can add brand pages. You can also use Facebook advertising and promotion application which are exclusively for advertising purpose. Apart from brand page, you can do trending topic advertising and sponsored posts. This way you can use social media to boost your reach and traffic.

All businesses should be on LinkedIn: All businesses should have an account on LinkedIn. Be it a startup or a multinational firm, not being on LinkedIn has been the question of the credibility of your  business. LinkedIn is such a platform where you can be connected with different businesses and seek updates from them on different domains. LinkedIn is no longer an option for any business, especially B2B enterprises.

Negative Feedback – Never ignore it: We often don’t take negative feedback seriously. Not taking negative feedback seriously can pose a threat to your business, especially for B2C, as your business runs on ‘customer’s satisfaction’. Social media provides you a way to directly know ‘what your customer is looking for’ and also to ‘improve your product.’  It’s an opportunity to know where your customer wants you to get better. Respond to all negative comments and let your customer know that they your valuable assets.

Don’t post similar content over and over again: Posting similar content over and over again can give an impression that your brand doesn’t have many products and creativity to offer. This way you can lose your followers. Post your content in such a manner that you your customer stops by to see what you have to offer. Be at the customer’s priority list of ‘trusted companies’ whose products they can’t miss.

Avoid posting post too much in a single day: Many startups hold firmly on the myth of posting too much content on a single day to reach their desired audience. Posting too much content is a wrong practice as this way your content loses its reach. Your followers are going to un-follow you or simply overlook all the posts you share.

Monitor and Analyze your traffic: Use Google analytics tool once a week to monitor your traffic and analyze social media marketing efforts. You need to regularly monitor the demographic of your website. You need to analyze whether your traffic is reaching to a desired audience, the source from where traffic is directed towards your website, also the bounce rate of your website. Through this analysis, you can also get to know how your social media strategy is working.

Say NO to irrelevant hashtags: The ‘Hashtag’ has become an imperative marketing practice. If used properly, hashtag can increase your business manifold. Always remember that hashtags help more people to view your content, so if you don’t post relevant hashtag, you might not get the desired result. If you plan properly, you can engage more people with your brand.

Use Images for your social media updates: Not using images for your social media updates makes your updates look boring. Always try adding a few images along with the content to engage your audience. For startups and B2C businesses, the main idea is to play with the customer’s mind.  Add pictures and make sure that they are of good quality. Don’t disappoint your followers.

Schedule Your posts: In order to reach your desired audience, you need to schedule your posts. By scheduling your posts, the chance of missing any important update is less. There are many tools for scheduling your updates like Hootsuite, SocialPilot and Buffer. Scheduling tools provide you a time frame for scheduling your posts keeping your credibility alive in the eyes of your customer.


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