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Dream, Build and Rise - The growing entrepreneurship culture among the Indian youth!

Entrepreneurship has become very relevant in the light of the present scenario. For entrepreneurship to produce the desired result, it must have a culture, which needs to be developed. We need to understand that entrepreneurship is a process of creating something new and valuable. It requires the necessary time, effort, energy along with the assumption of the financial and social risks. The end reward is money, personal satisfaction and above all independence. A lot of experts have also shared that the entrepreneurship education should be a form of education that seeks to prepare people, especially youth, to be responsible. Enterprising individuals who become entrepreneurs and entrepreneurial thinkers contribute to the overall economic development of our country. Young women today are building and running some of the next great companies in a diverse set of industries. Shivaani Jain, Co-Founder, Once Upon A Trunk in this article shares her views on the growing entrepreneurship culture among youth: 

Shivaani shares, “Entrepreneurship is tough, be it for a man or a woman, but for women, it definitely requires that extra bit to break the stereotype opinion. As a young entrepreneur, I have been observant towards the way women in India think and perceive their careers, both entrepreneurial and non-entrepreneurial. One tip would be - Big Achievements Are Possible. Dreaming big and visualizing yourself in a big role is one of the best ways to get started on a journey towards being a successful entrepreneur. Everyone has the ability to earn this type of title, if they are willing to do the work”

“Once Upon a Trunk commenced their journey with the concept of home shopping in those stylised curated trunks at your doorstep. Taking the vision and inspiration from this, we decided to make lives even more simpler and refined. We have a young & creative team with designated profiles who inspire every day, in turn making the work easier.  We have a streamlined business strategy and a process that follows. The happiest and the most exciting part of the job is to get the products delivered right before an important event, thereby giving immense customer satisfaction as that is our top most priority. Also, sharing of ideas and getting enthused everyday with the pouring of fresh innovation is the way to go,” adds Shivaani.

“Though we have a lot of challenges in the competition from other e-commerce portals, but we aim to overcome that by adding a tinge of difference, more variation with out of the box ideas and promoting young and aspiring designers, says Shivaani. She adds,  “We have around 120 premium designers on board like Aashna Behl, Shantanu & Nikhil, Free Living, Platinoir, Banjaaran, Dhruv Kapoor, Kanelle, etc. We work on back orders or drop shipments. Whenever there is an order, we place an order with the designer. Once they deliver it to us, it goes through the quality check process and the gets delivered to the client. We are a consumer friendly portal, we accept free returns unless mentioned otherwise, and maintain good relations with the designers. We also comprise of an expert logistics team, which manages everything on time and avoids any delay possible. Also, we have tied up with renowned names across the country like Quicklee that provides special service for express delivery.”

In conclusion, India has been taking the path of preparing youth, especially young women to acquire entrepreneurial skills, knowledge and attitudes to enable them to function effectively and be relevant in a dynamic, rapidly changing entrepreneurial and global environment. At such a point, such an entrepreneurial supportive environment is bound to encourage entrepreneurial activities among women!

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