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The new ‘Pixel’ smartphone by Google- All that you want to know about it!

Google announced the launch of its new smart phone ‘Pixel’ and also a suite of new consumer electronic products. Google’s ‘Pixel’ has been designed in-house, standing firmly in competition with Apple Inc ‘iPhone 7’. Google’s has launched two smartphones namely, the Pixel and the Pixel XL. These are the first two Android smartphones to carry Google’s branding without being associated with any other manufacturer. Google has worked on avoiding unlimited full resolution backups of photos and videos using Google Photo’s cloud storage. Google’s unlimited full resolution is expected to leave iPhone users in a state of denial.

James Nugent, Product Manager, Pixel in a press statement shared, “We’re putting a stake in the ground for the Android ecosystem in terms of what we think is the best from both the software and hardware point of view, which has been developed and made by Google.” The Google phones come in two sizes with 5 inch or 5.5 inch screen and have the latest processor the Snapdragon 821. The Pixel smartphones carry 12 megapixel cameras with large 1.55 micrometer pixels for boosting low light performance on the back.

Camera analysts DxOMark have awarded Pixel a rating of 89, making it the highest ranked smart phone camera till date, thereafter, beating Apple’s iPhone and Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge. Another feature that adds to the Pixel is the replacement of Google Now and Google Voice Search by ‘New Google Assistant’ with a new integrated smart assistance.
Nugent added, “This is the first device with Google Assistant, a conversationalist, contextually aware assistant that will help you through your day. You can talk to it, ask it various questions and it will provide a consistent experience throughout, as well as prompting you with information when it thinks it’s relevant.” Company officials added, “We’re leveraging 18 years of search and evolving it into an assistant powered by machine learning and artificial intelligence that we believe will be the next wave of computing for the next 10 years or so and it will get better and better as people use it.”

Google has kept the ball rolling by setting a benchmark for other brands to follow. More to that, users are excited and are waiting for Google to set its foot in the stores. Google’s announcement has spread an air of competition from other brands. We are excited to see what follows next?

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