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The app way- Some apps that will make your life as an entrepreneur easy!

FedEx Office: One of the most helpful and on-the –go application for every entrepreneur. The FedEx office app allows you to send files, documents and photos t

Mobile Application revolution is echoing across the market of Entrepreneurs. There are many applications entrepreneur can use to stay efficient and productive. Apart from the listed qualities, applications also help you to stay organized, making work easy and accessible. Furthermore, applications also help entrepreneurs save their precious time, which they normally put in scrambling around the documents and computer files.

So, here are some apps which we feel every entrepreneur should have on their mobile phones.

FedEx Office: One of the most helpful and on-the –go application for every entrepreneur. The FedEx office app allows you to send files, documents and photos to the nearest FedEx office location to be printed or made in a beautiful presentation. You can also upload a file for printing form cloud repositories such as Box, Drop box, Google Drive, or from your email. You can also track the status and shipment of order. This application works best for achieving work-life balance.

Flippa, Entrepreneurs Marketplace: This application is a spot on in the list of apps entrepreneurs must have. Here, you can buy and sell web businesses, domain names and mobile apps. All you need to do is to download the app and you will get access to thousands of auction listings. You can view details, listings and bid right away from your phone. It is recorded to list 5,000 new businesses and domains for sale in a single and a community of 800000 entrepreneurs.

Venmo, Free Digital Wallet: Entrepreneurs go through a lot of hassles related to payment processing. Venmo app is like a hassle-free world that allows its users (entrepreneurs) to send payments from one person to another. You can instantly pay anyone with a Venmo account using money you have in Venmo or can link to your debit card quickly. You can transfer money to your employees, friends, family members, there is no limit on the amount that you can transfer., Money Manager: is an easy accessible app for Entrepreneurs to manage their money and track their finances. You can effortlessly create budgets, get an overview of your total financial life, money maximizing tips. You can report expenses, create budgets and come up with a saving plan, all from a single application, all from your phone. gives you a micro overview of your finance, all in one place.

Pocket Analytics: Overview your website analytics in one go. It allows entrepreneurs to quickly access their sales and traffic data, right from their phone. It also has a drag and drop feature, so, that you can view any information and select easy to read graphics. You can also create any number of dashboards to view your data. You have Google Analytics, Facebook, Flurry, Pikwik, Pingdom – all in one application.

We believe that these applications will make a difference in your life as an Entrepreneur.  Is any of your favorite applications listed above? If yes, do share your experience in the comments below! 

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