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Go Global! The tremendous potential of Indian entrepreneurs and investors to grow in the global market!

They say that a vision is the energy that drives an entrepreneur and makes them to explore, challenge, insist and determine to succeed. While there are always challenges that companies face while expanding globally. One top reason is that the business model for operating in every country varies. While we are all aware of the startups that have grown around the world (mostly through a series of acquisitions). Indian investors as well as start ups have been valued at several billion dollars. Unfortunately, we are still to capture a lot of users and markets across the world. 

A start-up that is present globally can generate multiple revenues from international markets, with multiple countries of course. The current and the future market is for the Indian startups who are also operating out of their homeland and catering to global markets. While investors are becoming very specific which idea to invest in, investing in ventures that have a presence all over the globe is something that is capturing their interest. While we are hearing the news of investors’ funds drying in India, a bunch of global startups, have raised money from Indian investors. The start-ups originating in India mostly pursue large market opportunities within the country. A lot of founders fail to understand the need to design ventures that cater to the global markets for large scale advantages.

3 top lessons for the Indian entrepreneurs to go global:

Don’t make a direct comparison to the global counterparts.

- Be more creative in responding to the need of the hour.

- Have an adaptive mindset is necessary to convert local solutions into a globally scalable business model.

Indian investors in demand:

Many overseas startups may be planning to venture in India or may already have back-end operations in India. They look for Indian investors in India as they better understand the business environment here. Some reasons for the same are:

- They give them a bigger and better network. An Indian investor gives International firms a quick access to the angel community.

- Portfolio diversification: Any idea that has the capacity of going global is always an attractive proposition to the investor. Reason being that the investors get the opportunity to diversify the geography risk!

Why Indian investors?

India is considered as a land of increasing opportunity. Moreover, it is the biggest cash-intensive market in the world, where almost 90% of transactions occur in cash.  In fact India is one of the biggest markets when it comes to money transfers and overseas remittance. For the companies, who want to start their operations in India, they look forward to Indian investors as they are considered as the best people who can help building the customer trust and further help in collaboration with local partners. Thanks to the strategic insights of Indian, there are two things happening simultaneously- Indian startups are going global and international startups are finding ways to set up their base in India. The investments are happening vice-versa.

In conclusion, there is a tremendous potential for Indian entrepreneurs as well as investors to grow in the global market. India on the same hand has tremendous recognition as it is one of the major centers for start-up activities in the world. Other countries have their eyes on India.  Today the start-ups that have already cracked the Indian markets need to go global now and consider having a base to expand into other markets. The high net-worth individuals in the other countries can become angel investors and support and invest in Indian start-ups and vice-versa.

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