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The explosion of digital technology and its impact on marketers!

Customer Experience Customer Experience: Customer experience is the top priority for any brand. In today’s digitally-empowered age, a user’s feedback has

India has witnessed an unprecedented growth in the smartphones usage and the app market. This news is like music to the ears of the marketers as it opens enormous opportunities. Researches have shown that there have been close to 7 billion app downloads from Google Play in the year 2016. With budget smartphones being readily available in the marker, the technology and mobile driven marketing initiatives are a big market that can be tapped by marketers. So let’s understand on how we can maximize this opportunity:

Customer Experience

Customer Experience: Customer experience is the top priority for any brand. In today’s digitally-empowered age, a user’s feedback has the power to make or break the brand. Gathering customer feedback through app notifications or user friendly and preferred options and identifying and resolving their pain points help in giving an enhanced customer experience.


A smartphone is a storehouse of real time information and this data can be used to extract a customer’s likes, dislikes, preferences, priorities, etc. If a marketer can extract the right and relevant idea and analyse it, it can do wonders in increasing the sales funnel. Big brands like Netflix and Amazon are the perfect examples of how a good and regular customer interaction increases brand loyalty and affinity!


With the traffic shifting from PC’s to mobiles, the content designed suitable for mobile-based consumption, which is easily accessible on smartphones either on through apps or web-based browsers helps in generating better impact.

Using geo-location

Geo-location-based marketing helps in making the right and relevant offer to reach to the prospective consumers of a particular geography. Thus the campaign can be programmed better enabling greater engagement and better precision.

Thus, the way people interact has changed the marketing mediums and methods as well. Combining the creative marketing side with a powerful technical side of data and analytics is the need of the hour. While these are completely different sides, and combing them is a huge challenge, but a big opportunity! While marketing team creates campaigns that promote brands and encourage people to buy their products, technology helps you to achieve this.  The rise of digital clearly means that you have to be incredibly fast. There are multiple ways through which the customers’ access media the right strategy can make an idea gain huge scale. Working closely with data specialists, web developers and social media professionals; marketers can combine marketing and creative skills with an understanding of real-time technology. This is a radical change from the way traditional marketing departments work. By being more savvy about technology, data, and analytics, marketers can make a difference in this fast changing digital environment. The combine magic of marketing and technology creates powerful and relevant marketing. With new and new platform emerging as the devices to access the content, we are moving from smartphones, iPads, laptops to glasses and watches to access content. So marketers working hand in hand with technologists while retaining their creativity, flair and intuition is the new combination! 

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