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Impress your date with a glass of whiskey – An expert piece by Ajit Balgi, India’s leading beverage experts!

The dark spirits of men, white for ladies, martini for men, cosmopolitan for ladies, red wine for men, rose for the ladies; stereotyping based on gender, race, country, etc. is commonplace and so is breaking out of the mold these days. Whisky is one case in point where millennial ladies are a big part of the Whisky renaissance and the connotation of whisky is moving away from older men and gentlemen’s clubs. Mila Kunis endorsing Jim Beam and Mad Men actress Christina Hendricks working on the Johnnie Walker selection is a result of the whisky wave. So are you still holding on to the ‘stereotypical’ drink, it is time to try something new? 

Here is a cheat sheet to impress your date over a glass of whisky!

Mind your corns and malts: Whisky can be made from any grain; Bourbon from America is made out of corn (at least  51%), and Scotch whisky is made from barley/wheat / oats.

Blended versus Grain Whisky: Blended whiskies are a blend of grain and malts, and a malt whisky is only made of malted barley. The now trending single malts are made from malted barley and they are made in one single distillery. Your man may not know this!

Age statement: The age on the bottle indicates the youngest whisky in the bottle. NAS (no age statement) whiskies are getting popular these days, the youngest then is most likely 3 years old. The next time you order a 25, you can go back in time!

New world & India: Did you know India had 2 whiskies which sell in the top bars of the world? Amrut and Paul John, go look-up! After Scotland and America, Japan, Ireland, Canada, Taiwan, England are the countries top of mind for whisky.

How to drink? Drink the way you like it. Now if you want to follow the norm, with a splash of water or at most a cube of ice in your dram of whisky. Sours or penicillins are good cocktails to begin your whisky journey.



THE HAPPY HIGH is a wine & beverage consulting and experiences firm which curates wine dinners, whisky degustation and more bespoke events. They are into educating consumers and professionals on the finer aspects of wines and spirits.

About the author:

Ajit Balgi, Founder, THE HAPPY HIGH has been in the drinks world since 2001. A certified wine & spirit educator and an alumnus of S P Jain, Mumbai, Ajit is one of India’s leading beverage experts. He works with several corporates, country boards and liquor cos on their spiritual endeavors. 

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