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The Tech Talk – The right digital integration to engage the consumer!

Your personal drone Selfie Buddy – Hover Camera: Designed to take perfect pictures, 'Hover Camera' floats in midair to track your face and even follow

A lot of companies have often admitted that though they didn’t do anything wrong, but they lost due to their inability to think on their feet, what went against it, slowing down their pace,  allowing competition to take over and thus eventually rendering it redundant. When we talk about brand experiences, novelty is key. Today the consumer is on the lookout for excitement, and boredom is like the sleeping monster under every brand’s bed. At such a stage digital integration invents channel to engage with consumers in a myriad of ways. Let’s go through these few technologies that are simple yet effective, but demonstrate how brands can use them to communicate to inform, communicate and engage:

Your personal drone Selfie Buddy – Hover Camera: Designed to take perfect pictures, 'Hover Camera' floats in midair to track your face and even follows you to make sure it gets the perfect picture. So now you can say bye bye to your selfie sticks and use them to capture moments at weddings, sports games and holidays. Called the Hover Camera, the drone is designed such a way that it takes perfect pictures using the image stabilization technology and is built-in 13MP camera. The best part is that it is controlled by a user's smartphone via a Wi-Fi connection. Using facial recognition to 'lock on' to a user's face and with the ease that it operates, it has been truly called a consumer-friendly self-flying camera. With an ability to hover 50 mt. the altitude of the machine can be controlled with your phone screen. The drone can be easily steered by swiping left and right and released in midair and hover straight away. With some amazing features like selection of an auto-follow mode/ adding a location where the user wants the drone to fly; it is an algorithm based device which recognizes the faces and then follows them. There is a small computer that allows the Hover camera to run these algorithms and it uses stabilizer technology to prevent fuzzy footage. A user can release it midair or even throw it and the gadget will immediately balance. The drone weighs only 238gms and its ability to spin in a fixed position allows it to take 360-degree panoramas. 

OtterVibe Conference App: OtterVibe, a Cambridge-based company of conference organizers had launched a new conference app which is helpful to the organizers to not only simplify communications and the overall attendee experience, but also generate sponsorship. While the success of an event is purely defined by attendee satisfaction, OtterVibe is an app that has simplified the communication. Bringing benefits like instant communications, last-minute updates, replacement for printed materials, sponsorship opportunities and accessibility offline; this application has benefited both the organizers and as well as the audience. OtterVibe had also designed the app for the Cambridge Style Week 2016 for their Night of Fashion shows. It helped their guests to find out what events were going on in the city, followed by which brand was on the catwalk, details about sponsors and exhibitors, etc. The conference app of OtterVibe has key features for some scientific and academic audiences which include embedded abstracts, poster-voting and a global author search. The app is a success as it brought more value to the information-based conference. A lot of festival organizers have loved their features of their schedule-building, where in the attendees could favorite the talks/performances that they’d like to see and the app created a personalized schedule. In addition to it, they can even export it to their phone calendar for reminders.

In conclusion, the apps have changed organizations’ perspective towards organizing the events. They have not only enabled seamless interactions with the audience at such events and conferences, but have made organizing meetings and conferences easy. Understanding the importance of events for your business, we are hopeful that these examples will give you insights on how you can better manage conferences, meetings and events!

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