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‘Our aim is to create jewelry that will remain a favourite for our clients’- In conversation with the third generation of Vishal Jewels!

Built over three generations Vishal Jewels is a one stop destination for all your jewelry needs. Coming from a traditional design background with a cumulative experience of over 140 years in the art of Jewelry making and 75 years of retail, Vishal Jewels have a select set of artisans who have mastered the art of handcrafting jewelry over generations. In an exclusive conversation with Business2Business, Saurabh Maheshwari, Vishal Jewels share more on their experience of taking the brand forward and maintaining the brand legacy:

The brand and the entrepreneurial journey: Saurabh shares, “The journey Vishal Jewels started 75 years ago. Rahul and I are the third generation of this brand and we are proud to be a part of this legacy. Vishal Jewels is a one stop destination for all jewelry requirements of women today. To understand and be able to master the art of making jewelry and precious gemstones both of us studied Gemology at the prestigious Gemological Institute of America (GIA). It has been a great journey so far of reinventing the brand by making it more relevant in terms of Designs and types of Jewelry that we create without losing the essence of our brand and promise of quality above all.” 

The success mantra: Sharing more on what makes their collections unique in the industry Saurabh shares, “Our collection and what we offer to our customers is an entirely unique concept, we keep in mind the design/occasion and most of all the budget of the client and present to them the best quality and craftsmanship without any compromise. We are able to offer the best price and the best craftsmanship in the industry because we are a part of the Value Chain- we source, manufacture, wholesale and retail precious gems and jewels and no intermediate is involved.”

The customer: Sharing more on the kind of people that wear their jewelry Saurabh says, “All kinds of people from all walks of life wear our pieces. We have young teen girls, housewives, corporate women as well as graceful grandmothers who wear our jewelry!” Saurabh adds, “We offer a varied palette of designs, traditional, modern and blend of both and options to satisfy the hunger for jewelry and have varied customers from all age groups.” 

The special touch: Saurabh shares, “We strive to create the best piece each time, our aim is to create jewelry that will remain a favourite for our clients. Be it a Ring, earring or an entire set for a bride on her special day.” 

National presence: Saurabh says, “We at Vishal Jewels have collective man years experience of 140 yrs, spanning over three generations in the art of crafting jewelry and recommending best gems; just like the brand, our clients are also associated with us for generations. We have been retailing for years and serve an entire value chain, starting from sourcing of finished diamonds, stones, including wholesaling and retailing jewelry with offices and workshops in Delhi, Mumbai and Jaipur.” He adds, “We started retailing from our store in the famous jewelry hub of Old Delhi in Dariba, Chandni Chowk and have our flagship store in the famous M block Marker of GK-1 in South Delhi” 

The well informed customer: When asked that, does he think that people lack information when it comes to jewelry, Saurabh  shares, “To the contrary, I actually feel people are more informed today than ever before, people are also more informed in terms of options and types of gems that are available so it is easier for us as designers and jewelers to inform them about more choices and grades that are available, this helps our customers make more informed purchases.” 

Traditional versus modern jewelry: “Traditional Indian jewelry is part of our culture and festivities and most importantly weddings, hence traditional jewelry can only be worn on certain occasions, whereas modern- jewelry can be incorporated in everyday wear and doesn’t have to conform to traditions. I feel that today it is imperative for a jeweler to present a range to its customers that is a blend of both traditional and modern- wearable, yet unique, setting you apart from the crowd,” says Saurabh. 

Upcoming trends: Saurabh shares, “The biggest trend in the industry at the moment is of wearable ornaments. Jewelry is now being used to enhance apparel and everyday wear, so big heavy pieces are no longer in demand, smaller and delicate jewelry like diamond earrings, hand accessories like rings (Cocktail rings), bracelets are in vogue.” 

Brand value and reputation: Sharing more on their accomplishments as a brand Saurabh shares, “Since our brand was built over three generations, we have the best to offer in terms of design and price along with quality. We also have clients that have been coming to  us for generations. We have carved a space for ourselves in the jewelry industry that makes us unique and trustworthy.” 

Maintaining the legacy behind the brand name: “We maintain the legacy of Vishal Jewels today with our combination of expertise and experience. Our focus has always been quality and this sets us apart. We also create jewelry that is relevant and for the modern day woman with the traditional essence of our 75 year old brand,” shares Saurabh. 

Advice for entrepreneurs: Today the entire industry is Technical; you need to have very strong basics about Jewels. First and foremost, you will need an education in Gems- From a reputed and top institute like GIA.  I would strongly advise to remain focused on how you want to position your brand and then keep moving forward. Marketing and focus along with strong aesthetic/jewelry design sense are elements one will need to succeed in this sector. 

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