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Energy charged food- Is this a superlative form of organic food? In conversation with Vinay Garg, CEO, Neelvow Corporation

The concept: Vinay shares, “Energies and their impact on have been tried and tested, but how much we practice them depends on individual to individual. It is

Pyramid energies, crystal energies, impact of stones, music therapy, etc. have been scientifically tested to observe their impact on the human behavior. India has always been known for theories on alternate sciences of health and has become an extensive market for environmental energy food for well- being and natural healing for all. Being recognized by awards like ASSOCHAM’s Nutraceuticals & Herbal Excellence Award 2016, Business2Business got into an exclusive conversation with Vinay Garg, CEO, Neelvow Corporation Pvt. Ltd to explore more on how for the first time in India Neelvow Corporation has introduced ‘Energy Food’ in India. While everyone is focusing on meditation and yoga, Neelvow Corporation has developed a food which will bring behavioral changes. Let’s explore more:

The concept: Vinay shares, “Energies and their impact on have been tried and tested, but how much we practice them depends on individual to individual. It is just like yoga. We all know that it is very good for us, but not everyone practices yoga. I used to learn Reiki and practice meditation. During that time observed that my masters used to give energy to their food before consuming it and they used to do it before every meal. When I asked them why, they said that we charge our food so that positive energies come with it and we consume only the actual content of our food. From here the idea of making ‘energy food’ commercial came in and by the support and blessings of my gurus’ Neelvow Reiki Food came into existence.” 

The market reaction: When asked about how the domestic and international market reacting to the products, Vinay shares, “The response is brilliant. As of now we have been majorly into salt and sugar as these are the basic consumable products of any household. I have a vision of having Reiki energize water, rice, pulses, curd etc. and then move to other products. A time will come when everything will be and should be Reiki/pyramid charged.” He adds, “If I talk about market reaction, initially I used to approach people and explain them the future of this revolution and its impact of their lifestyle. By God’s grace or I shall say because of the impact and influence of these energies, now a lot of people have started approaching me for having a Reiki energy in their food products as this is the future!”

Consumer Segment: While energized food is a very niche concept in India, sharing more on the major consumer segment Vinay shares, “The concept and idea of introducing energy food in India is new, but the theory is very old. For us everyone is a customer. We have started very basic products; salt and sugar as everyone consumes them. Yes, at a level when we start charging specific organic products or something that is not consumed by everyone, then the customer will be of a specific segment.” He adds, “In addition to it our product is very price friendly. The price difference in the normal sugar and Reiki sugar is very nominal and is something even a common man can afford. Our plans are to take Reiki energized food to a level where everyone knows about its impact and starts using it. Every food product can be energized. It’s just that we are to reach to people through aggressive marketing.”

Route to the market: Vinay shares, “Right now we have our products available at Amazon, Big Basket and Ali Baba. Our pilot has been successful and we have now entered the second level. The brand and the concept has been trademarked and Neelvow is FSSAI, ISO, BSI approved. To make the product widely available, we are now tying up with local vendors. Very soon the markets of Delhi, Jaipur, and Bombay will be colored with Reiki food.” He adds, “Shopkeepers, retailers and distribution partners are being recognized. We are in conversation with some modern traders likes Big Bazar and Reliance Fresh and soon our product will be available at these outlets. In fact, Reiki charged food is already available in Modern Bazaar -Vasant Vihar/DLF Gurgaon Road/New Friends Colony; Agarwal Traders, Kamala Nagar, Delhi; Happy Shoppee, Jagatpura, Jaipur and Prakartik Chikitshalaya, Bapu Nagar, Jaipur to name some.” 

Supply chain management: Vinay shares, “For supply chain management, we are targeting distributors first. Northern part of the country is the first market and it will start with the capital itself. From distributors the product will go to certain segments of the retail market. In addition to this, a sales force of Neelvow will also go directly to the market to sell the product. For sales in the government sector, our senior management is already doing that. Our company executives will personally cater to the modern traders.” 

International market: When asked that how is the export market reacting to your product, Vinay shares, “In export a lot of customers, particularly from Dubai and America are using and referring our product. A lot of Indians are taking our product outside which has created a good demand. These are all through personal channels as of now.” He adds, “The government of India is also taking a keen interest. The government of MP has recently declared about their plans to be responsible for the happiness and tolerance of its citizens. It is a huge opportunity for us and we will make maximum out of it. In addition to yoga and meditation that is being proposed for a healthy living, we want to promote our idea of consumption of energy charged food for a healthy and balanced behavior. A lot more is also in the pipeline and our results from the pilot batches will definitely be game changers for us.”

Turnover: Vinay shares, “The turnover is quite good and our major consumers are from Karnataka, Chennai, Bangalore, Tamil Nadu, Bihar and Uttar Pradesh. The population in Tier 1 is more active in its usage. Amazon has been a great platform for us. In fact on Amazon when people order sugar, Neelvow is amongst the different categories of sugar available on Amazon. As per our analysis of consumption reports that we have received, a lot of customers have first visited our website to read about Neelvow Reiki food and have then ordered. This is a very positive sign for us and we will capitalize this growing interest of our customers.”

Investors in the pipeline: “Yes, we are in conversation with a lot of big investors. In fact a good investment is very much needed as post that we will have a wonderful market flow. I am in touch with a lot of bankers, private institutions, and foreign delegates for the expansion plans and you will soon hear the big news,” shares Vinay.

Long term vision and plans: Vinay shares, “We have plans to take it at a very high level. Initially we focused on the pilot and the concept has been wonderfully accepted. I have received testimonials of my customers sharing the change they have observed in their behavior and I am very proud of it. Like I shared earlier, a level will come when every product will be Reiki charged. A lot of brands are approaching us to charge their food. I have a vision to target all the base levels that can be the end users. As of now we are ourselves launching the product and the second stage has arrived when we have brands approaching us to sell our products. Any player in the market who wants to do that will have a sign a consortium with us so that the product gets marketed as Neelvow Reiki Food.”

Marketing and promotion: “For promotion, a lot of activities are in the pipeline. We are in touch with a lot of event companies wherein sample packets of our products will reach households through customer engagement activities. Schools will be approached to show the impact of Reiki energy on the growing pattern of the child, etc. To make a product successful, I feel regularity is something that has a great impact.”

The common question: When asked that a lot of people might come across saying that they know meditation and Reiki, so why should they try/start Reiki food, Vinay shares, “Yes, even I come across a lot of people who know how to do Reiki and say this is something that can be done by us only at home. I say to them that you are free to do that and please continue doing that! I just have one question for them - Mango tree can be grown in the house, but we still buy it from outside… and this is my answer to this question.”

From the Reiki masters

Ms. Meetu Sehgal, Reiki Grand Master shares, “Whatever we eat gives us energy and whenever any food item is charged, it increases its energy, nutrition value and life force energy. Food rejuvenates with Reiki energy and this is very good for human body. In fact, it also helps in the natural cleansing of toxins, release blockage and helps in the natural healing of the body. I recommend Reiki to all my patients. If they know Reiki, I ask them to charge their food and even medicines with it as Reiki reduces the side effect of the medicines.”

Customer Testimonials

Dr. Payal, a Neelvow Reiki food consumer from Agra shares, “I got to know about Reiki through a friend of mine and at that time I was unaware of this technology in food. I am a working woman with two kids and due to various reasons my stress level went very high. I understand that stress is a part of everyone’s life. It was then when I thought that I should give it a try. Reiki Food by Neelvow has immensely worked on my stress level. I came out of my depressing state of mind and now I feel good about my environment. I consider women as the head of the families and our mental state has an impact on the well- being of the family adds Payal. Reiki has changed things for me. I recommend it to everyone. I even make sweets from Reiki sugar and send it to my family. I can go on and on for the impact of Reiki, but I would like to conclude by saying Reiki therapy is all about gaining a lot of things without losing anything!”

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