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Startups helping their fellow startups!

India is a home of startups with a lot of young and educated population, making ways to create a vibrant and ever growing startup ecosystem in the country. However, the Indian startup’s have their own set of challenges, starting from finding the right investor to innovating every day to stay ahead of competition. Believing in the old thought, ‘Together Everyone Achieves More,’this article talks about the startups which through their ideas have made life of other startups easy!

91Springboard- Formed in 2010, 91springborad offers plug and play office space with all the necessary physical infrastructure, internet, printing, phone, security, and power backup without the hassle of managing it. It was formed with a vision to act as a ‘springboard’ to enterprises propelling them further, helping them succeed. Supporting the entrepreneurial spirit of the Indian Millenial’, 91Springboard organizes a lot of events and knowledge sharing sessions that help startup founders acquire the skills they need.

Fisdom- Fisdom is a startup that manages online investment accounts for its customers along with providing personalized investment recommendations. With an idea of making financial investments easy, the platform helps in your financial goal setting, recommends the best options and also helps you monitor and track the same. With an aim of making a client’s money work for them, they use technology as a medium to change the investment advisory industry.

Flexiloans- An online lending platform to solve the problems faced by SMEs in terms of Quick, Flexible and Adequate funds for growing the businesses. Making financial access at a click, Flexiloans helps consumers and small business owners get an access to customized loan. Their technology covers all the operations, right from the application process, credit scoring, loan funding, customer servicing, regulatory compliance and fraud detection, etc. Our technology platform powers our online marketplace and enables us to deliver innovative solutions to borrowers and investors.

Industry experts have shared that for startups to flourish in our economy, it is extremely important to speak and communicate with them in a language that they speak. Creating an experience, thinking out of the box and making services available in a format that not only gives them information, but also assists them in the going forward is what can help the Indian start- up ecosystem flourish. There are many who dream of starting their own businesses, but when the reality hits, a lot of entrepreneurs end up taking jobs in organizations that give them a steady source of income. With the incredible surge in startups and business entrepreneurs, it is increasingly difficult for new innovators shine through the crowd, regardless of how great their idea or service is. Thanks to such startups who through their services can help your brand new idea get off the ground. The main idea is to help the young generation innovate and forge ahead in this huge industry and, at the same time, connect with the next generation thinkers. Thus, the key to success for startup’s is all about immersion within the industry and visibility in order to find the clients and deals that will enable business to grow and without the right resources and support, this can be a huge challenge. 

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