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Hospitality industry saying ‘I do’ to the big revenue through the wedding business!

The hospitality industry has always been considered as an exciting as well as surprising industry, especially when it is a mixture of hospitality and wedding industry. Every hospitality professional aims at ‘making the attendees feel special’. It is a common saying that people usually forget what you said, they will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel and this is where a good hospitality plays the key role. With destination weddings continuing to be one of the ever budding industry, the hospitality industry  can play a major role in it. There are already so many creative ideas flowing in from the wedding planners, a good hospitality at the venue can make everything look different.

People have opened themselves to some unexpected, awesome and crazy places to say ‘I do’ and thus it has opened up the opportunities for various venues, or we can say new destinations for weddings. When Indians prefer locations outside the country, there is a lot of business and opportunity loss to the Indian hospitality industry. We have such a rich cultural heritage and so many palaces and venues, which are now more user friendly and functional. Globally, Europe, Italy, Barcelona, Russia, Baku, Bucharest, Prague, etc. are some of the top locations with great venues as well as hotels with amazing facilities which attract both the wedding planners as well as the clients.

Weddings can be a never ending source of hotel revenue. They are a big reason for the hospitality industry to cheer and celebrate. In addition to being an enormous F&B revenue generator, weddings add to your marketing outreach and gives benefits that can last for years.

Let's have a quick look at some of the top reasons on why weddings can be a great deal for your hospitality business:

- Weddings let attendees see and experience every aspect of your property

- A wedding is a huge show-off on social media, which means that your guests will not only be checking-in your property, but also posting pictures, setting hashtags, promoting invites and so on! What better form of marketing do you need?

- Your attendees become your lifetime guests and also refer your property to other couples looking for similar destinations. So through good service, not only you get a set loyal customers’, a free word of mouth for your hospitality skills.

- A learning and practical exercise of improving your services. Weddings sometimes are such a chaos, that your staff with every experience, learns the art of flawless execution and  immaculate services.

- A source of revenue during slow periods.

Thus, Indian weddings are a massive pie and hospitality can make the best and most of this pie. You constantly have to adapt and adjust to the ever-changing desires of the millennial couples. Do not forget that at the end of the day, it is the survival of the fittest, so it is important to do best!

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