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DJUBO Launches STARSIGHT – Hotel Reputation Intelligence Tool

Every hotel’s online reviews and ratings (collectively known as the hotel’s Online Reputation) are the most important marketing tool in the new age online t

DJUBO, the cloud-based SaaS (Software as a service) for hotels, has launched STARSIGHT - a revolutionary tool to help hotels maximize their revenues by managing their Online Reputation effectively.

Every hotel’s online reviews and ratings (collectively known as the hotel’s Online Reputation) are the most important marketing tool in the new age online travel landscape. Studies show that a hotel with higher online reputation score generates 3.9 times higher bookings compared to another hotel of the same price range. Also, 76% of travelers are willing to pay more for a hotel with higher review scores. However the ability to effectively track, monitor and act on what the online world is saying about your hotel is extremely inefficient because it is currently done manually and unscientifically. Also comparing your own hotel’s service standards department wise with those of your competitors is extremely cumbersome. So far, not enough products existed which offered a solution for the Indian online hotel landscape because there are many review sources unique to India. Also, Indian hoteliers are extremely price sensitive and tech averse. But with the launch of STARSIGHT, the Indian Hotel Landscape is about to add a great capability to help hotels improve their service standards.

The beauty of STARSIGHT is that it uses Machine Learning to do a Semantic Analysis of reviews and comprehend what guests are saying about each hotel across all important online review sources like Tripadvisor, HolidayIQ,, Expedia, Agoda, Goibibo, and 100 more such sources and can understand 7 global languages.  STARSIGHT also has the ability to analyse top ‘Burning issues’ for every property and ‘Commendable areas’. This product has a built in natural language processing engine (NLP engine) which reads as well as comprehends nouns and verbs and also the adjectives and adverbs used by a reviewer to decide the intensity of the sentiment and showcase it on the sentiment tab. So a 'pathetic' is considered more negative than 'bad'. This will definitely focus on an aspect which most of the hoteliers have neglected and will give them with enough fuel to boost there ratings.

DJUBO already has 1500 hotel clients across 120 cities in India within 15 months of launch for its other product range which includes a cloud based Hotel Management suite including Centralised Reservation System, Auto-sync Channel Manager, Direct Booking Engine,  E-collect, Brand Website along with Tripadvisor and Google Hotel partnerships. DJUBO has also penetrated 8 new countries in the last one month alone with clients in US, UK, France, Indonesia, Thailand, Sri Lanka, Tanzania, Kenya and is receiving interest from many more geographies globally.

DJUBO was funded US$ 2 MM from Naspers over the last 1 year for a minority stake and has ibibo CEO Ashish Kashyap as one of the Directors in the company along with Co-founders Sankalp Goel and Tarun Gulati.

Within the last one year DJUBO is pioneered the concept of an integrated sales maximisation platform for hotels led by its Centralised Reservation System which comes loaded with features and capabilities. Today DJUBO handles over 6000 room nights on a daily basis and close to INR 2 Crores of bookings flow through DJUBO systems every single day. DJUBO announced its partnership with Indifi last month where it made up to INR 50 lakhs of unsecured loans available to every single DJUBO hotel client. 

"With STARSIGHT's Reputation Management System launch DJUBO has taken the first step towards various ground breaking launches that are on their way for hotelier's globally. DJUBO's vision is global and its capabilities and breadth is enormous with no boundaries. We want to solve every pain point of the hotelier and not limit our product in any way. Our vision it to give high end tech into the hands of every hotelier to ensure every hotel is managed, operated and distributed like a 5 star hotel", said Tarun Gulati, Director and Co-Founder, DJUBO on the launch of STARSIGHT.

About DJUBO: Having relationships with 1400 hotel clients within a year of its launch, DJUBO is the fastest growing hotel tech product company in India. It has clients across 120 cities of India and manages more than 5,000 room nights every single day. Its client list ranges from 5 star hotels like Piccadilly Group, Palaces of India and Tree of Life luxury Resorts to 4 star chains like Sanda Group to 3 star chains like Stride Group, Summit Group, Nature Trails, Leisure Group along with hundreds of independent and character hotels. Typical DJUBO clients witness growth in revenues of 30%-40% within a short duration of adoption. However their full revenue potential needs better services in turn leading to better reviews and feedback for which DJUBO is continuing to innovate.

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