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“Work is ever evolving and I am always looking to create new trends and styles”- In conversation with Ridhima Bhasin

A contemporary Indian designer, Ridhima Bhasin has always been inspired by the idyllic modern-day woman, who is spirited yet soigné. All her designs strike the right balance between contemporary and conservative, mainly focusing on accentuating the female form, resulting in romantic cuts and flattering silhouettes. Let’s take you through the journey of the label and this young entrepreneur which aspires to carve a niche for herself in the Fashion Industry:

Entrepreneurial journey: Ridhima shares, “Well, I began my Journey of becoming a designer at a very young age.  I was hugely inspired by my mother and elder Sister who were inclined to fashion and I saw them grow as I grew up, My mother had a small boutique and was an entrepreneur herself, I started my journey with her and by assisting her after completing my education from NIFT and London School of Fashion.”

More on her brand: When asked about her inspirations and what kind of women do you imagine wearing your brand, Ridhima shares, “My brand Ridhima Bhasin is a contemporary luxury prêt Womenswear brand. I take inspiration from all things around me and my interests vary from Fabrics to art /culture and music. I see Strong willed, Confident and independent women wearing my label.”

The entrepreneurial leap: On discussions on, why didn’t she work for a big fashion house and start her own brand, Ridhima shares, “I always had an entrepreneurial aspiration of creating and heading my own brand from the very beginning.”

Building her own brand with creativity and liking: Sharing more on how has her work evolved since she began her own label, Ridhima shares, “Intelligence and creativity was something which came hand in hand in me. I went to the London College of Fashion, after gaining experience and knowledge about fashion, I ran towards my dream of making a brand with my knowledge, my creativity and my likings. Help and support from family was always there and with that I joined my sister Ritika to gain experience in the real fashion world, after that opening my own brand was not difficult, but to make it reach where it is was also not easy. She adds, “Work is ever evolving and I am always looking to create new trends and styles.”

Focus and niche: When asked about her plans of expanding it to menswear, Ridhima shares, “I have always enjoyed designing and creating outfits for Women and I will continue to do so, I have never been interested in Menswear. I believe focus is very important and each one of us should focus on our strengths and do what we are best at!”

Future plans: Ridhima shares, “I’m excited to launch my brand new Spring Summer Collection that takes inspiration from Moroccan art and architecture!”

Challenges: Sharing more on the challenges in her journey, Ridhima shares, “Being a young entrepreneur, proving yourself to your family is very important. People sometimes also don’t take you seriously because they feel that you are too young to take any decisions. But my family support really helped me getting forward in life with helping me through thick and thins.”

Favourite designer: “My favourite designer is Anamika Khanna! I absolutely love her aesthetics and the way her outfits Fall on my body.”

Advice to young designers: “The greatest advice I would like to share with young and aspiring designers is to never give up and to keep creating and building on your portfolio and working towards building your brand. Success does not come over night and like everything it grows and builds with time.”

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