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Creating Meat Memories – In conversation with Siddhant Wangdi, CEO, Founder, Meatigo

Started in June 2016, Meatigo came into existence out of a desperate attempt to find decent quality, hygienic meat for a recipe in the market. With a vision to sell the highest quality meat from partners they trust, using meticulous preparation methods and custom cut portioning with no shortcuts, no compromises; Siddhant Wangdi, CEO, Founder, Meatigo in an exclusive conversation with Business2Business shares more Meatigo:

The entrepreneurial leap: Siddhant shares, “Having stayed abroad for the past few years with access to be best of meat and seafood, the visit to the elusive local butcher shops and supermarkets back home in India left us horrified. There was absolutely no regard to maintain right temperatures, hygiene standards, quality and moreover knowledge of the meat products.” He adds, “We thought there had to be a better way, and that’s why we started Meatigo. To make the option of choosing from a variety of quality meat & seafood along with ingredients online and getting it delivered to your doorstep, right on time with the right packaging and the right temperature, to help you make the meaty dishes for you and the people you care about.”

The competitive edge: Sharing more on the supply sources and how does Meatigo stands apart from other A category meat shops in the market, Siddhant shares, “What makes a dish a great dish is the freshness and quality of the ingredients being used, and we at Meatigo want to give you the best meat to take your dish from average to the best it can be, because it does matter where your meat comes from. We have tied up with key partners and vendors like Prasuma, a pioneer in the fresh & chilled segment and now synonymous with good quality meat. This amalgamation of vast experience, new line thinking and cutting edge technology certainly puts Meatigo in a very advantageous position.” He adds, “Moreover, we personally check, taste and finally source our selections from the best of farms & trusted partners and we’re confident that our meat is delicious. We ensure the best of packaging is used by our partners to preserve the freshness, taste and quality and we ensure the product reaches our customers at the right time and at the right temperatures, so there is no compromise on quality and safety.”

The product range and the most relished picks: Siddhant shares, “At Meatigo, our selection is thoughtfully crafted to cater to every type of meat lover and created options so that there is always something that you would want to eat every single day. We are a one stop meat destination for all non-veg lovers offering all your protein requirements right from farm fresh chicken, mutton, bacon, sushi-grade salmon, cold cuts, sausages & ready to eat meat products like Kababs, Meatballs, etc.”

The long term vision: Siddhant shares, “ For us, Meatigo is more than an online meat shop - it’s a quest for us to ensure our customers eat but also appreciate and learn what good quality meat is and should be. Our long term vision is to be the go-to-place, where non-vegetarians in India can find everything they might want or need, when they think of cooking meat.”

The way forward: Sharing more on the news that he would like to share with our readers, Siddhant shares, “We will be launching an exotic range of Japanese delicacies for the first time in India along with easy cook Chicken Momos, Bacon Jam and other eclectic fares by the first quarter of the calendar year.”

Food safety: Commenting on food safety, Siddhant shares, “Ensuring the highest quality of food safety is without a doubt the No.1 priority at Meatigo. All of our products are Cryovac vacuum packed which is the best packaging standard of meat products in the world and also unique in India. The standard shrink wrapped packaging in the market does not fully prevent bacterial contamination given the presence of air in the packaging. He adds, “At Meatigo, the Cryovac vacuum packed products (used in both raw and processed) remove all air molecules from the meat which in turn ensure the consumers receive products that are hygienically handled and completely safe, while retaining the freshness, taste and quality of the meat. You’ll surely taste the difference.”

Marketing Channels: Sharing more on which channels have worked best for Meatigo, Siddhant shares, “Being an online brand, we focus on the online channels, from social media to online media to promote our products and more importantly educate consumers about what good quality meat and seafood should be. We’ve got a dedicated following on social media where we share recipes, talk about how to handle meat safely and listen actively to the needs of our patrons.”

Advice for young entrepreneurs: The one lesson I’d like to pass to pass to young entrepreneurs is that one should always be open to change. I’ve learnt so much after starting Meatigo – even the MBA from one the best B Schools and working in the flagship management programme in India did not teach me as much. I could have easily continued to work in a corporate setup, but the rush, the triumphs (and failures) working for yourself is probably the most rewarding experience.

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