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In conversation with Sanober Mukhtar Siddiqui, Founder & Director, SuperStar Entertainment Infinity

A young filmmaker, event organizer and a business entrepreneur, Sanober Mukhtar Siddiqui, Founder & Director, SuperStar Entertainment Infinity is known for her clear vision, and a strong passion to make it big in the entertainment industry. With an eye on the International Cine Market with her upcoming Hollywood/Bollywood yet un-titled film with a star cast from India and America, she started her entrepreneur career from April, 2012 onwards. Business2Business in an exclusive conversation with Ms. Siddiqui explores more about her interests and the entrepreneurial journey.

The entrepreneurial journey: Ms. Siddiqui shares, “My all the experience builds up from corporate. I started working from 2012 in the Media and Film Industry as an executive producer and have worked in the creative department, marketing department, etc. and now working as a Co-Producer and PRO.” When asked  were you into film related stuff in high school or college, she shares, “Yes, I have learned from both school and college, but due to weak family conditions I always strived for myself and did all alone.”

Interest in the International Cine Market: Ms. Siddiqui shares, “International Market is one of the leading markets for Bollywood industry for business recoveries as we have to capture the business opportunities in International markets like Canada, UK, USA, Dubai, etc.”

Time Management: With so many hats to wear, its difficult to manage time and work, On the same Ms. Siddiqui shares, “I am multi-tasking person. I believe and that is how I manage everything.”

Long term goals and vision: Ms. Siddiqui shares, “ I want to make the SuperStar Entertainment Infinity Brand synonymous with excellence, flawless execution, and inimitable service. To leverage our established market presence and relationships in the entertainment industry to become Asia's leading Entertainment Company.”

Defining Entrepreneurship: Ms. Siddiqui shares, “I am very ambitious in my life to achieve what I always wish to. I like Shahrukh Khan because of his business mind more than a superstar. The entrepreneur skill is found in very few people and some are born with it. I am born with it to achieve some.” Sharing more on how is entrepreneurship and working women important for India as a whole, Ms. Siddiqui shares, “Women play a very important role in the family and country. It is also very important that she becomes educated, and starts taking opportunities which may be working or entrepreneurship.”

Advice for women entrepreneurs: Ms. Siddiqui shares:

a) Do not start on your own till you have a couple of years (or more) of experience working in the industry in which you want to start. Just know that for every college drop-out who succeeded, there are millions who failed miserably – we just don’t hear about the ones who failed. Also, great business leaders who we keep hearing about such as Bill Gates or Mark Zuckerberg dropped out of ‘Harvard’. So they already have something, we do not.

b) Always have at least one Co-Founder who you really like to work with and has complimentary skill sets. Absolutely needed. Do not start without this.

c) Have your family buy-in with your decision to do a startup. It requires a lot of sacrifice do your own startup and your family / spouse will need to support you. So their agreement is a must or you will go through emotional turmoil. Be confident in what you are doing, God will grace you and help you if you can do it through right path.

Last Thoughts for entrepreneurs: Ms. Siddiqui shares, “Startups should start their business with the investor’s help. It’s important at beginning to get a good investor to start.”  

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