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Big Fish Ventures - Changing India’s Dining Culture

The founder of Big Fish Ventures, Mr. Umang Tewari is transforming India’s dining culture with some of the largest premium dining lounges like The Vault Café, Garam Dharam, The Junkyard Café and Café OMG. Hailing from the non-hospitality background, Mr. Tewari was inspired by the food and music scene which led him to venture into the Hospitality sector. It was purely out of sheer passion that Mr. Tewari launched Oxygen in the year 2002. Looking back at his life, Mr. Tewari attained exposure in hospitality while working in a cafe following his Master’s degree in the field of Business Administration in UK, which was then transformed into a dream of owning a restaurant. With his entrepreneurial spirit, Mr. Tewari began his venture with his first café called Oxygen, a club that revolutionized the clubbing industry of India, by investing in it his own savings. Oxygen seemed to have done pretty well in the market but was unable to make that mark as Mr. Tewari’s personal life asked for his attention. It was not long after, when he planned to re-launch himself and partnered with projects like OTB, Raas and Skooter. In 2014, Mr. Umang Tewari launched The Vault café in Delhi which was built on strategic ideas. With the recent launch of the first outlet of THE JUNKYARD CAFÉ in Bandra on 16th December 2016, he is all set to launch 2 more outlets at premium locations in Mumbai within a year.

Mr. Umang Tewari is one of Delhi’s most successful restaurateurs with a great business model and is planning to launch over 40 outlets across India and overseas in the coming years. They plan to rule the global market with their new venture in Dubai and Delhi by launching yet another restaurant named ‘Local’ which is layed out at 18000 sq. ft. at Kasturba Gandhi Marg, Connaught Place. Currently they are planning to open Garam Dharam in Murthal, Ludhiana, Chandigarh, Amritsar and more. Also, they have launched The Junkyard café in Bombay on 16th December, and will also witness the launch of The Junkyard Café at three most promising locations in Mumbai with an approximate INR 50 Million investment. Mr. Umang Tewari, the young Restaurateur, has brought a revolution in the food culture and is Delhi’s party guru. But the buck doesn’t stop there as he has a keen eye to create a new trend of Dine and Wine in Mumbai soon.

“I am an optimist who believes in working hard towards achieving my goals” says Mr. Umang Tewari. He has a firm personality to look beyond the sky and doesn’t like procrastination. Mr. Tewari has won many awards for his achievements such as; The Best Restaurateur of the Year rewarded by our Ex-Prime Minister, Mr. Manmohan Singh, and for the Most Creative Restaurant Chain - Big Fish Ventures in Dubai. He has also received Youth Icon Restaurateur by Franchise India and have also won the best debut award by Times food Nightlife Guide 2016 for Junkyard café, which is the most prestigious award in India.

2015 has been an year of contentment and have made Mr. Tewari aim for different concepts while experimenting with unique menu, drinks and services.

In the words of Mr. Tewari, “It’s only hard work and sheer focus that has made me become better at what I do. I try to execute my visions in different ways rather than following the same norms. However, I am blessed to have great team that helps me to execute my work in the best way possible”. Currently Big Fish Ventures includes four brands –The Vault Café, Garam Dharam, The Junkyard Café and OMG and there are more in the pipeline.

THE VAULT CAFÉ - TheVault café is a vintage industrial ambiance visualized as a storehouse of British East India Company. The interiors are designed to be of contradictory times, the old and the new. With 5 vault rooms give you a private dining experience, each of them designed and styled with and inspiration from the renaissance period. The common area is a representation of the modern times with the food preseting the same theme: classic favorites alongside innovative options.

GARAM DHARAM - Garam Dharam is a concept restaurant inspired from India’s veteran actor Dharmendra. Dharam Garam is surely first of its kind in Delhi and is fun, quirky, lively, innovative & is a paradise for foodies. Bollywood veteran, Dharmendra is a favorite of everyone and has been ruling our heart’s since his youthful days. His movies, his dialogues and his songs have made Dharmendra a legendary actor, which is why Mr. Tewari gave his first restaurant, a name inspired by the veteran actor.

THE JUNKYARD CAFÉ – The Junkyard Cafe derives its inspiration from Junkyard, which is a yard full of Store Junk. The idea is to utilize the Junk and that too in the most beautiful way which is quite evident in The Junkyard Cafe.  It is a concept driven hangout place with first of its kind interiors and art installations made using junk materials like tyres, barrels, car and truck parts, old radios, televisions, chipped board furniture, beer bottles etc. This place deserves an applaud for making the best utilization of scrap and converting it into interiors which made into the talk of the town.

CAFÉ OMG, OH MY GOD - Café OMG is one of the finest creations of the Big Fish Ventures. It is the biggest and glorified concept that defines two different creations of God - Hell & Heaven!!! Café OMG has two segments, first Heaven, which is bright and has a lot of gold while being a beautiful world, whereas, Hell is dark and holds the little space in Café OMG. Spread around 6500 sq. ft., Café OMG is centrally located which makes it very accessible to shopper’s and visitor’s. 

Big Fish Ventures also launched a Mobile Application in the month of February 2016 to increase both sales and visibility for the business. Living in a millennial generation, Mr.  Tewari believes in making the reach effortless and there is no better way to do that than with the Big Fish Venture mobile application, which provides seamless booking and simple online payment to customers. Till now, it has been servicing 60,000 customers every month across every outlet. The application is becoming the main form of digital interaction and Mr. Tewari wants to create a social community for followers of his brands in order to acquire feedback and in return provide them with new offers and updates for each event. The mobile application, can also be utilized for the launch of loyalty benefit programs for Big Fish Ventures clients and will be a one stop solution for reservations, payments and offers for all cafes and restaurants under Big Fish Ventures as it allows the consumers to gain on their spending’s in terms of discounts and deals on next billing and get reservation on priority.

Indian Food Industry is at the most dynamic state as it captures the elements from all parts of the world. “The vision I have is not just limited to the capital of India but will grow with outlets across cities and countries. We plan to provide our customers with what we believe in, which is the finest of food, entertainment and experience”, states Mr. Tewari. He goes on to state that, “We wish to receive the same overwhelming response that we have received so far”. Just like there are right ingredients to make a right dish; there are also some elements that goes in making a successful restaurant like, the right location, good quality food, right target audience and a good ambience. Mr. Umang Tewari plans to go bigger and better in all the four dynamics to make his vision successful in the coming months.

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