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Every year we aspire to grow by 1 to 2 outlets in Tier 1 & 2 cities pan India, says Yash Jaiswal, Rainforest Restobar

Entrepreneurial Vision: When asked about the entrepreneurial journey and vision behind getting into hospitality business, Mr. Jaiswal shares, “ I completed my

When you think of Mumbai, you only think of the madding rush that so represents India’s economic metropolis. But, if you are one of them who would want to escape from the throbbing reality of Mumbai and take just a short break, consider The Rainforest. A forest theme- based Resto-Bar which is located in the heart of Mumbai with its 5 exclusive outlets and offers an amazing multi-cuisine dishes with an authentic seafood variety to spend a meal in the ‘Jungle’ ambience. While every Rainforest offering comes with an element of surprise, Business2Business in an exclusive conversation with Yash Jaiswal, Founder & Director, Rainforest Restobar explore more about their concept, brand, investments, offerings and a lot more:

Entrepreneurial Vision: When asked about the entrepreneurial journey and vision behind getting into hospitality business, Mr. Jaiswal shares, “ I completed my Restaurant Management from Pacific International Hotel Management School in New Zealand after which I went on to acquire a Degree in Finance from the United States of America. Having come from a family that were pioneers in liquor manufacturing, distribution and retail for over two decades, I went on to develop a knack for concept based hotel and restaurant management. I was confident that it will be a booming industry in India and saw immense potential here.” 

Rainforest Restobar as a brand: On discussions on, how do you think that his brand stands apart of the existing players in the market. Mr. Jaiswal shares, “ I am an avid traveler and I discovered that the idea of the concept based restaurant was not explored in India except for the traditional Rajasthani / Village themed eateries. That's when I created from scratch a unique yet modern idea of having a jungle themed restaurant that would be a blend of modern cuisine in a setting avenue not discovered before.”      

Average Footfall and Marketing Strategies: On discussion on the average footfall of customers and the marketing strategies, Mr. Jaiswal shares, “The average footfall per outlet is approximately 200 packs per day. The primary marketing strategy is always constant innovation in food & beverage. Reaching out to customers with innovative offers.” He adds, “ Timely additions such as global delicacies and molecular gastronomy, updating the menu from time to time and more are some things that are regularly done. Numerous food festivals are organized and the most successful crowd pullers have been the Sea Food Festival, Ladies Nights and the unique Dessert Festival attached with a CSR activity were part of the proceeds would go to an NGO.”

The Investment made: Mr. Jaiswal shares, “Approximate total investment till date is INR 10 Crores”

Menu specials: Mr. Jaiswal shares, “The menu consists of India, Chinese, Continental Cuisine, Sea Food delicacies, Sizzling specialties, Molecular Drinks and Cocktails like Secret Forest, Rainforest Delight & Shanghai Sunset. Flavorful delicacies are offered such as Singapore Crab Chilly, Crispy Fried Calamari with Pepper & Chilly, Basa Tava Fry with Spinach. There is also the Three Cheese Fondue, Prawns & Corn Cakes, Risotto Balls, Thread Chicken and the all-time favorite Paneer Aangare, Penne Formaggio, Chicken in Lemon Cilantro Sauce, Mughalai Chutney Paneer, Murgh Maharaja and much more.”

Challenges faced and the current scenario:  When asked about what were the challenges that you faced initially and how are things different now, Mr. Jaiswal shares, “When the first outlet opened in CBD Belapur, it was still a developing area so attracting customers outside the radius beyond 2 kms was a challenge. It was overcome by offering exceptional service and good food. He adds, “The goodwill was spread by word of mouth. In 2008 that was the initial year, the digital platform for promotions was not very big, which we are using extensively now.” 

More on business operations: Sharing more on the business from technology, recruitment and training point of view, Mr. Jaiswal shares, “There is a service on call push button based system to call upon service staff at all the 5 outlets. There are electronic tablet based feedback forms that allows us quick data collection and generate easy loyalty based discount coupons on the spot to frequent customers. We are also Google friendly with easily locatable geo tabs. The ordering side stations for the staff are equipped with touch screens so order placement is faster and proactive. Besides, there is regular updating of staff, continuous training programmes and experiments by the executive chef.”

Expansion plans:  When asked about the response so far and expansion plans Mr. Jaiswal shares, “The response has been overwhelming. In the last 8 years we have expanded from 1 to 5 outlets. Every year we aspire to grow by 1 to 2 outlets in tier 1 & 2 cities pan India.”

Top trends in 2017: Mr. Jaiswal shares, “ I feel the top trends that will drive the industry in 2017 will be taste innovation, fancier food presentation, and beverage styling. Besides, team interaction with guests will elevate the entire dining experience.”   

The changing palette of foodies in India: On discussions on what people look out for when eating out, Mr. Jaiswal shares, “Over the years what we have discovered is that the older generation is much more receptive to global cuisine and that food presentation plays a key role. It must look appetizing to the eyes first and then to the taste buds.”

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