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The story of ForeanTech, a web agency with expertise in websites and app building!

The Concept: Ankur shares, “ForeanTech was formed as I felt that even though Indian startups have good ideas, they could not take them forward because they la

ForeanTech is all about website/ mobile application of all kinds, custom made Software web based or offline software that needs to be created. Known to create Software as a Service, they have A-Z solutions from smartphone apps, mobile-friendly websites and E-Commerce development. Ankur Mishra, Founder, ForeanTech talks about his vision to look at every idea and business individually and then analyze what is required as not every common solution will fit everyone's needs. Ankur shares more about ForeanTech, his team, challenges, etc. in an exclusive conversation with Business2Business.  

The Concept: Ankur shares, “ForeanTech was formed as I felt that even though Indian startups have good ideas, they could not take them forward because they lack good developers, designers, and marketers. Thus, I and my team created a platform for startups and through it, the problems of these other startups become ours, and then we try to come up with efficient solutions for them. I feel that India has a lot of caliber for producing good ideas, which have the potential to change the world. The only thing is that we need to be patient with the idea implementation. This, as they say, takes a lot of courage, but they still believe that the attempt is worth it.”

Mistakes and learning's from the past: Ankur shares, “Before starting this venture I had attempted to start an online grocery portal based in Lucknow called Go4Every. However, that failed to take off. At that time I was still in the process of completing my studies, plus I had no product or marketing experience. I felt that this initial venture lacked in every field and that is why I had to close it within a year. On a positive note, this did not discourage me. In fact, I took it as a good learning experience. After this, I decided to attend startup events, workshops, etc.” He adds “Owing to my eagerness, I was able to learn a lot from these workshops, and improve upon my own ideas. During this time I even got to meet a lot of leaders who directed me to the right business path.”

The biggest challenge: Ankur shares, “We did face many hurdles, the most initial ones being in acquiring people's trust. They did not want to leave their secure jobs and safe lives, and move to a company that gave them nothing of that sort. I understood that working in a startup doesn’t always give people a sense of security in the beginning.” He adds, “ To resolve this problem I decided that my team can start off working with me on a freelance basis, and I also assured them that leaving their jobs wasn't necessary. Furthermore, they could learn and implement a lot more if they worked for both their existing jobs and Foreantech. This was the convincing argument, and people started joining in for the ride. Today, I feel proud of my team as they are now experts and are always ready to learn new things and grab opportunities.”

The Team- “My team is made up of a few people, but all of them willing to create and implement ideas, and solve problems. Our tag line is ‘Experience Beyond the Comfort Zone’, and this is for everyone who is in the field of problem- solving tactics,” shares Ankur. He adds, “ As per me people in this field have to work 24- hours with difficult circumstances and this is what his team does. They are involved in the development, designing, and online marketing field. They come up with online solutions for various startups. I feel my team is doing great things and they have expertise in different areas. They do their own work confidentially and complete on time.  I understand and appreciate their zeal and energy, and my team is my pillar of strength and support.” 

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