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Jio jumps into Short Video Space with Launch of 'Platfom'

Reliance Jio, known for its digital platforms, has great news for short video content creators. Rolling Stone India, Creativeland Asia, and Jio Platforms have teamed up to launch a short video app called Platfom.

The short video app aims to be a destination for content creators with an ecosystem designed for organic growth.

Organic algorithms for Creators to Rise

'Platfom' does not give preference to paid algorithms, instead taking a bottom-up approach that allows creators to rise in rank and reputation. This will be done through Silver, Blue and Red Badge checks, which are based on fan base growth and content engagement and not through paid promotions.

Book Now Button

Creator profiles will feature a Book Now button, allowing users, fans and brands to interact with artists and quickly get concert bookings from all kinds of associations. Creators will also be featured in Rolling Stone India's digital editorials, get premium verification, and will be able to monetize their skills through in-app bookings

Jio jumps into Short Video Space with Launch of 'Platfom'

Benefits for founding members

Known for its founding member programs, Jio has also announced founding member benefits for its new app, 'Platfom'. The first 100 founding members of the app are invite only and are marked with a golden check on their profile. Through referral programs, these members can invite new artist members to join, and they will also get first access to new ecosystem features. And soon, the app will also be open to creators from various sectors.

Commenting on the announcement, Kiran Thomas, CEO of Jio Platforms, said: “Our mission at Jio Platforms is to use the power of data and cutting-edge digital technologies to create reimagined solutions and experiences for our clients, thereby helping them to offer differentiated services. market offerings and grow the business.” As part of the RIL Group, we have successfully delivered platforms and solutions across India across multiple industry sectors including telecommunications, media, retail, manufacturing, financial services, education, and healthcare. We are delighted to partner with Rolling Stone India and Creativeland Asia to create Platfom, a world-class product that enhances the creator journey every step of the way with a full suite of innovative offerings for Indian creators.

To go fully live in January 2023
Rolling Stone India cover of the week will soon be a reality for all artists. Platfom strives to empower creators with endless opportunities. The app has started preparing users for the beta version and will be fully operational in January 2023.

Singers, musicians, actors, comedians, dancers, fashion designers and all creatives who influence culture will now have a common home with the introduction of Platfom. 'Platfom' is powered by the infrastructure of Jio Platforms, the power behind Jio's ecosystem of digital apps.

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