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Suniel Shetty launches India's 1st. Jewellery Brand exclusively for Men

Bollywood actor Suniel Shetty launches India's 1st. Jewellery Brand exclusively for Men on the occassion of International Men's Day along with his first collection. The jewellery brand is known by the name, 'MetaMan'.

MetaMan has also raised 1 million dollars in seed funding which has seen 9 Unicorn co-founders and many other successful entrepreneurs including Nikhil Kamath (Zerodha), Prashanth Prakash (Accel Partners), Gaurav Singh Kushwaha (Blue Stone) as well as cricket player KL Rahul and Robin Uthappa.

The MetaMan brand represents "Metal for Man" as the next must-have accessory that gives Indian men a taste of elegance and simplicity.

Suniel Shetty, the founding guru, through his reputation as a true Indian macho, enables the company to provide the best accessories for sophisticated Indian men.

Suniel Shetty launches India's 1st. Jewellery Brand

Speaking about the launch of MetaMan, founder Suniel Shetty said: "By launching the MetaMan brand, we are celebrating the revival of our men's jewellery culture. Indian traditions were once a symbol of upholding the finest works of art; Indian men taught the entire world how to adorn any jewelry and became pioneers. Now is the time for India to have a men's jewelry brand that celebrates the culture with style and sophistication. So, MetaMan."

The collection was imagined by designer Pallavi Foley. The brand offers a range of high quality bracelets, pendants and chains made of brass, gold or silver.

Anil Shetty, founder of MetaMan, adds: "At MetaMan, we aim to bring sophistication to men through our contemporary designs. We believe that the culture of men's jewelery is not an exotic idea but a forgotten one in India. We are now witnessing that Generation Z and Millennials are bringing back the trend in style. On this global day Guys, we are launching MetaMan with 20 unique skins, but we will have 150 skins in the next three months."

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