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Biliti Electric aims to setup world’s largest electric 3-wheeler factory in T'gana

With Hyderabad-based startup's company Biliti Electric stating its desire to set up the facility here, Telangana is ready to become home to the world's largest electric three-wheeler plant.

The California-based startup, led by Rahul Gayam, would build a factory with a manufacturing capacity of 2,40,000 electric automobiles per year.

According to a news release, the new plant is expected to generate $150 million in capital funding and 3,000 employment in the state. Biliti now manufactures its three-wheelers through a strategic manufacturing agreement with Gayam Motor Works (GMW) in Hyderabad.

"When we first announced the EV strategy two years ago, our goal was to make Telangana a favoured location for electric vehicle manufacture." With firms like Biliti developing the world's largest three-wheeler manufacturing here, we're seeing it become a reality," said Industries Minister KT Rama Rao.
He also said that Biliti's journey is not only another opportunity created by the state's favourable policies, but a realisation of the state's ambition for innovation and technology, with the company's founders having previously worked with T-Hub.

The complex will be constructed in two phases across a 200-acre site. Phase I, which will be built on 13.5 acres and capable of producing 18,000 automobiles per year, is set to open in early 2023. The new facility, which spans 200 acres, is set to open in 2024 and will be capable of producing 2,40,000 automobiles each year. To service consumers in global markets, the plants will manufacture all of Biliti's goods, along with the cargo model Taskman and the passenger version Urban.

"Our batteries and powertrain are compact and modular in design, allowing them to have extensive applicability in the auto, maritime, warehousing, and backup generators sectors, allowing the buildout of an EV system," stated Biliti Electric CEO Rahul Gayam.

Biliti's Taskman is a last-mile delivery mechanism that has travelled over 20 million miles and has been deployed in 15 countries around the world, namely Japan, the United States, the United Kingdom, France, Portugal, Germany, Lebanon, Uganda, Kenya, Senegal, Nepal, Bangladesh, Dubai, and India.

It has manufacturing operations in the United States, Portugal, and Kenya, in addition to the manufacturing site. Amazon, IKEA, Wasoko (Sokowatch), BigBasket (Tata), Zomato, Flipkart (Walmart), and Grofers are among the companies that use Taskman.

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